Streaming 101: A Checklist for Smooth Streaming



If you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek, by this point, you don’t know the life you want, my friend! I can number a lot of reasons for you to get started with some streaming in your entertainment mix but having to binge-watch your favorite shows would make the top of the list.

Since 2018, it has been observed that streaming services have more original content being run as compared to the traditional cable and broadcast medium. A recent study conducted by Deloitte has found that streaming services have more subscribers than traditional cable pay-tv.

For those who have started their voyage in the ocean of streaming by now, things might a little too overwhelming.

As per our calculations, U.S. alone stands with more than 200 streaming options for its consumer market. This is because of the convenience and price advantage that these services bring along to the consumer – an added benefit is the mobility of watching your subscriptions anytime, anywhere, and at any display device.

Now, the question arises if streaming can replace cable TV service completely making it obsolete – considering the timeline we are currently living in, the answer is that it depends on your choices. If you are the kind of person who watches every single channel on the cable, then maybe you cannot fully say goodbye to your cable subscription. Although, on the off chance that you are choosy and do not need every single channel, switching to a streaming service might save you some money, too.

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Things needed for streaming

Fast internet connection is the foremost requirement for setting up yourself with a streaming service. You would also need a streaming device or smart television for moving forward with your subscription.

High-Speed Internet Connection

A wholesome experience of streaming is dependent on your internet connection.

  • For video streaming in 4K or HDR quality, the recommended minimum speed is 25 Mbps.
  • For video streaming in SD (Standard Definition) quality, the recommended minimum speed is 3 Mbps.
  • For video streaming in HD (High Definition) quality, the recommended minimum speed is 5 Mbps.

Usually, streaming services share a recommendation for the lowest download speed but these recommendations vary from device to device. For instance, Live TV and Hulu have a minimum download speed of 8 Mbps for HD streaming. If you and your roommate want to stream Hulu simultaneously on your respective devices, you will be consuming 16 Mbps at the same time.

If you are looking to switch to a better internet service provider or do not have a connection as yet, we recommend Optimum Internet. With Optimum, you get a download speed up to 200 Mbps, more than 220 HD channels, and much more perks and benefits. You can find an Optimum TV package matching your exact requirement in your area and what’s better than that, right?

Smart TV, Streaming Device, or Console?

A 4K smart TV is all that you need for streaming into this world of hope but it might not have all of your desired streaming applications in-built in the system and for that, you might need to get a streaming device.

Smart TV

Smart televisions are America’s no. 1 choice for accessing streaming services with almost thirty-one percent of the country using the option. Again, it is your go-to way, to begin with, but it might not have all of your favorite streaming apps for which you have to consider going down the path of streaming devices.

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Streaming Device

Amazon Fire TV

This is one of the lowest-priced options and has almost all the applications you would want like Prime Video, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Disney Plus, and many more.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku is paired with Alexa and has a lot of applications like Netflix, Disney plus, Hulu, Showtime, NBC, Disney Now, HGTV, Stars, and ESPN.

Apple TV

Apple TV allows you to download any new application available in the app store. Some of the in-built apps are YouTube, Sling, Disney plus, iTunes, HBO Go, Hulu, ESPN, and Netflix.

Gaming Console

If you already have a console like Xbox One, then using it for streaming is a smart option or if you are a gamer, then it might be the best thing but we don’t recommend spending three hundred dollars only for video streaming

How do I start streaming?

Once you are done with the pre-requisites, it is time to start binging with the following, very easy, step-by-step procedure.

Connect your streaming device or smart TV

If you have treated yourself with a Smart TV, then please move onto the next point but for all those who have chosen the device direction, plug your device in and then switch your television set to the right input and follow the instructions as mentioned on your screen.

These directions would take you to all the applications on the homepage.

Connect to the internet

Once your device is all set, get it connected with your internet. Some of the streaming devices like Google’s Chromecast Ultra and Amazon’s Fire TV can directly be connected to your modem device by an Ethernet cable resulting in a better and more reliable connectivity experience.

Get started!

If you need more applications than what your TV or device has to offer, you can access the app store and download the apps you like. Once you have all the apps you want, start signing up or sign in if you already have an account.

Now, you can start binge-watching your favorite TV shows but foremost, give yourself a treat with Schitt’s Creek!

What to watch?

Streaming TV has two main services available to watch: on-demand and live. The Live TV streams the same sable channels with the same content and advertisements. On contrary, on-demand services like Netflix or Hulu provide to watch the content in your own time and space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Do I need a streaming device if I have a smart TV?

Streaming devices have accessibility to more streaming services. Unlike Apple, not many Smart TVs offer new services to be downloaded from the app store and so if your TV doesn’t support HBO then you are out of luck to re-watch Game of Thrones without a streaming device

Can I stream videos on my phone?

With an unlimited data package, iPhone and Android users can stream videos in HD without any worries.

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