Top Instant Approval Article Websites List


What is Article Writing?

An Article writing or publishing an article is simply meant to Written or Printed information about a topic by the Author opinion with various researchers.

A Well defined topic or news about the particular event of a place.
In SEO, We can have different websites for publishing articles. Anyone who is in the industry of SEO or having an online presence can write about the things and facts according to the niche He/She relate.

Below I have mentioned the Instant approval high PR Article websites list. Where you can post an article for free. Just create an account and submit your article after reading the Guidelines.

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List of Article Websites:

Sr. No. Website Url (Link) Moz (DA)
1 73
2 47
3 91
4 30
5 51
6 67
7 62
8 51
9 58
10 50
11 36
12 56
13 45
14 65
15 70
16 39
17 42
18 53
19 39
20 47
21 46
22 91
23 49
24 55
25 37
26 39
27 44
28 72
29 50
30 55
31 83
32 91
33 70
34 72
35 62
36 51
37 60
38 48
39 47
40 40
41 42
42 33
43 42
44 39
45 47
46 57
47 42
48 36
49 45
50 39
51 49
52 53
53 29
54 45
55 25
56 51
57 68
58 19
59 20
60 26
61 19
62 19
63 27
64 10
65 14

An article is potentially the important efficient means for spreading your research and built a publication record; many areas of educational life like finding employment and winning research grants depend upon an honest publication record.

Online journals have already raised the geographical spread for tutorial work, and try to reinforce the importance of articles in creating and continue your research reputation in the industry. The goal behind writing a piece of writing is that it should be published in either newspapers / magazines / journals so let's make some difference to the earth. it's going to be the topics of interest of the author or it's going to be associated with some current issues.

Steps we can follow while writing an article

First of all you must know about the audience, your audience must be targeted so that you can write a perfect article. The way to write an article.

Heading / Title

While you try to write an article please make sure add proper title/ headings. So that anyone who are reading it can understand easily and make the sense of it.

A-line having the writer’s name

You can add a line in which include the author bio or the writers name. It may increase the trust among audience.

Body or we can say the main part of the article

This is important if you are writing then make 2-3 paragraphs which can help to understand the topic and maintain the enthusiasm to read the next paragraphs

Pick a topic 

It is very essential to pick a topic for which audience is looking for. Now a days people love to spend time on internet for any type of information. So it is vital to choose the topic as per their demand.


It is very important to know the taste of your audience or a=in other words we want you to target the audience. So you can make your article valuable. Let’s take an example. A teenage girl might search about fashion, style, outfit and all. So we have to create content accordingly.

Do your research 

Research is very important in any field. But if you are article writer then it is mandatory,because people are just depend upon your answer and they will use in their life.

Keep it Simple

Make sure you’re using a simple language, in order that anyone can understand easily. Good writing includes the proper head title , body, solutions, paragraphs etc. 


Your how-to is merely an excellent article if it works. Test your own steps to ascertain if your how-to works, and if you’ll , find multiple people to certify your process. Having quite one person undergo each of the steps, replicate the instructions, and test its validity is how you ensure what you’ve written is accurate.


Writing about anything is incomplete without a conclusion. Because it is a brief explanation of your topic and saves time to understand easily about the topic.