Top 10 Technology Business Write For Us Websites To Submit Blogs


There are plenty of reasons why you should explore the world of guest blogging. You can do it to gain organic traffic on your blogs, or you can just advertise your products or services through guest posts. 

It doesn’t matter which type of services you offer, your digital strategy framework should always include guest posts. Guest posts are usually published on websites with good average traffic. These website owners share their preferred format with you and you write guest posts with relevant links for them to publish on their webpages.

In this blog, we have shortlisted the top 10 tech news write for us websites which will let you submit your technology business write-ups. While shortlisting, we have considered elements like average monthly traffic, Alexa Rank, relevant genres, etc.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Before we move forward and discuss websites, we should throw some light on why we are doing it. Whether you follow an on-demand business model or traditional business model, using guest blogging can help you in boosting your reputation.

  1. Guest Blogging is the best way to make your web pages visible to the broader audience and to gain more traffic.
  2. By observing the traffic you gain from the website where your guest blog is published, you can measure the performance of your content easily.
  3. This method helps you in connecting with more audiences and to know their perspective through comments or other ways.
  4. Guest blogging is the best way to boost your traffic or social media shares.
  5. It also helps you in maintaining a long term SEO. Google gives an advantage to blogs or sites with relevant numbers of backlinks.

10 Best Write For Us Technology Buiness Websites


Developergang was founded in March 2016 in India. The website allows you to submit quality guest posts through the link given on its homepage. You can submit your content on Developer gang and wait for it to get reviewed. Developer gang allows you to submit a blog of 800+ words. There are some additional guidelines as well, like adding images in blogs, copyrights, etc. You can find these guidelines on in detail.


According to Alexa, is currently ranking at 1,753rd position with 51% traffic from the USA, and 12.8% from India with 3.4% from Canada on an average of 30 days. has a dedicated category to welcome technology guest posts for its audience. The app allows bloggers to submit tech blogs for local and international audiences.


Alexa has ranked on the 1,559th position internationally. Majority of its audiences belong to the US, Japan, and India. Techcrunch was founded in 2005. It is popular as one of the best blogs out there to review and list startups. Moreover, Techcrunch has 38k+ blog articles on its websites. 


Wired is a New-York based website that allows you to publish your guest blogs to gain traffic. The website has several Science and technology blog articles. Moreover, it has secured 1,334th position on Alexa. publishes its magazines monthly in printed and online formats. The first wired magazine was published in January 1993. Since then, it has gained a good reputation in the world of offline and online publications.

5. Developer-tech

Developer-tech invites write-ups for its 500,000+ audience from the IT industry. You can submit tech blogs related to industry news, coding tips, leadership strategies, and financial tips for developers.

Moreover, Developer-tech is a well-managed blog website with thousands of latest blogs being published every month. If you want to target the tech geek audience, can be the perfect platform for you.

6. Computing is one of the most prominent websites out there. This UK based website is specially dedicated to technology-based news and services. The organization has been functioning for almost 35 years in the industry with a great reputation. The website accepts quality blog posts from tech writers for its high number of audiences. Computing has more than 92,300 subscribers for its weekly newspaper along with 184,000+ everyday readers. Using for your guest posts can really help you in growing good traffic for your webpages.

For More Guest Posting (Blogging) Sites List

7. Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine is a website specifically designed for the IT audience. The website only accepts technology blogs from individual bloggers. However, companies can also publish sponsored blogs on 

This Germany based English website is very concerned about the quality of blogs. To get approved, you have to make sure that your article is well written and formatted as well. Once they agree to publish your blog, you will have to coordinate with a dedicated editor to get it approved before publishing. gives you credit for your content with your picture under the article.

Smashing Magazine has 196,000+ newsletters subscribers and 3,000,000 monthly page views on their website. Moreover, their unique visitors are more than 2,000,000. 

8. Venturebeat

Venturebeat is a stunning looking technology based website. The website allows technology business blogs for its audience. Venturebeat has 6 million monthly unique visitors with 12 million monthly page views. Moreover, it has 3.3 million unique visitors per month exclusively on smartphones only. supports thoughtful and informative guest blogs from its clients. The website can be a good opportunity for new bloggers to promote their webpages. Their target word count for guest posts remains between 600-1200 words.

9. Medium

Medium has a good reputation globally whenever someone talks about business blogs. This website offers opportunities to write about many genres including technology. With, you can connect with its 170 million readers and boost your web pages through guest posts and interlinking. To write on Medium, first, you will have to create a free account. Moreover, Medium is one of the rare platforms that publish your articles with your credits.

10. ITProPortal

This B2B website offers you a platform for your tech business blogs. Their requirement includes 1000+ word count to get your blog published. ITProPortal doesn’t allow interlinking. However, you can add one link under the bio section at the end. also asks you to frame 100% unique content and submit articles that you have not published anywhere else.

Technology Business Write For Us websites which we have mentioned above have one thing in common, they all receive multiple submissions every day. You need to make sure that your blog stands out. Only then, the time you spend on writing will be worth it. 

Most of the websites do not allow more than 1-2 interlinks. So, you will have to prioritize your web pages where you want to gain the traffic and frame an article around that. If you are new in the industry, for example, if you are a small business app development organization, guest posts can really be beneficial for your business growth.   

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