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Submit blog post or article is a good idea to Spread Content and Information on the Web.

People are excited to know that Where you are going to  Submit Blog Posts For Traffic. This means users want to drive more and more traffic by submitting blog posts online. We at Developer Gang provide you the platform to submit blogs for spreading good knowledge. 

Submit A Guest Post or Submit Blog Post - Only For Content Creators

If you want to submit a guest post or submit a blog post or article is for those who love to write awesome content then the developer gang welcomes you. As we are getting useful content, we came with info-graphics and video content additionally. You can also share your videos created with a short paragraph. So you have the choice to add your videos post on Developer Gang from today Oct 12, 2019, onward.

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If you are preparing an info-graphic then you have to prepare the Genuine one which will match or related to our website Niche, which are Web Development, Web Designing, WordPress, Magento, DM, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, SEM, PPC, Mobile App Development, and more.

Read the Guidelines for Submit a Guest Post or Submit a Blog Post

#1 Accepting Guest Posts

We permit the submissions only who is filling the form with your Post (Article) title and the short description of the post to submit your request reach us at email:

# 2 Words Length

Submit guest posts or articles you can write a minimum of 800 words and try to cover all the important topics. No one loves incomplete articles. I take quality as one of the utmost concerns in allowing guest posts. If you want to assure your article gets published, write a very original piece that is written especially for the Developer Gang fans.

#3 Images

As we all know Images are the best way to tell something in short about what we have written. This plays a vital role if you create a nice image or Info-graphic so that it would give a delightful appeal to your post or article.

#4 Self-promotion

We permit a genuine contribution and will appreciate your work. Hereby, you will receive a back-link to your reference website or blog page in the body of the guest post or article post.

#5 Copyright

We respect everyone’s work. In such cases, we get that you have reproduced a Blog Post or Article from another website. We reserved all rights to remove all your blog posts and articles from Developer Gang immediately. And one more thing, by submitting a Blog post or Guest Post to Developer Gang, you can give us copyright ownership of the post. This will help us to deal with any DMCA-related issues.

#6 Queries

If you have any queries? You can ask questions on our contact us page by filling up a simple form, and also by doing an Email at

NOTE: We reserve the rights to take any action or changes in Guidelines.

Questions and Answers about Submitting a Guest Posting or Guest Blogging by Experts.

What is Submit A Guest Post or Blogging?

Submit a guest post or submit a blog post simply means you're sending a blog or article containing some information about the subject you've got written. you'll send your blog by email or by filling up the contact form.

Where To Submit Blog Posts For Generating Good Traffic?

The main question involves everyone’s mind where we should always submit a blog post in order that we get the traffic. To answer this during a very simple language, you simply find this website within the web meaning this website is getting traffic which is by the user or who is putting a question on the web like Google, Yahoo, etc. Apart from this, we've almost 2000 blogs on this website. Naturally, our blogs are already generating lots and much traffic.

What are the ways to find Guest Posting Website?

Here are a number of the ways which we've shown below. By using these ways users find us online. you'll do this also.

  • Submit A Guest Post
  • Where To Submit Blog Posts For Traffic
  • Accepting Guest Posts
  • Submit A Guest Post Free
  • Marketing “Submit A Guest Post”
  • Blogs That Accept Guest Posts 2020
  • Inurl Submit Guest Post
  • Guest Posting Sites
  • Submit Blog Post
  • Accepting Guest Posts
  • Submit A Guest Post
  • “Submit Guest Post” + “Education”

How long should a Guest Post be?

In General, everyone thinks that 1000 or 1000+ words get a high amount of traffic. But in our recent study that the knowledge within the blogs matters only. It doesn't matter with the words. This is often the amount which is given by the website owner that he will accept around 500 words, 800 words, 1000 words. etc.

Which are the Free Guest Post Sites?

There are both free and paid guest posting sites available on the web. and that we have prepared the list for it. Please do Check here: Top Guest Posting (Blogging) Sites List.

What is your Opinion of Guest Posting?

Being an SEO Expert I and our team like to do guest posting But you've got to be more sensitive in selecting the location for your post because Google is extremely strict now about guest posting. Before selecting the location you ought to keep subsequent points in your mind. After selecting the location for a guest post, audit the location that is associated with your niche because a program like google likes relevancy now.

After relevancy, check the location domain authority to analyze the trust level. Check the quantity of traffic on the location through Alexa in order that you'll get the thought of what proportion referral traffic you'll get within the future. Importantly check the location in google sandbox and penalty checker tool so you'll be sure that in the future or presently the location has no problem and its a secure site to urge a backlink.

Try to make a guest post on those sites which allows you to urge a minimum of one link within the body Because author bio links aren't good for you because Google is functioning thereon and take away searches of high-quality content directory sites even. So in the future be careful to not take some risk of penalties. Try your best to write down the article for users not just for the program to urge back-links just but users’ engagement is additionally very necessary for your post and program to like it. These are some key points I shared with you, better of luck.

Does Guest Posting help for Better Ranking?

Yes, it surely does. Since by doing guest posting you generate do-follow links for your blog/website. Also, it gives you an opportunity to showcase yourself to a replacement set of audience.

Is Guest Posting still the most powerful strategy for SEO Ranking?

Guest blogging has been one of the foremost used and preferred ways of acquiring top-quality backlinks from well-established websites to drive more traffic to your website and build a web reputation in your business niche and community.

Guest blog writing will continue to be utilized in the foreseeable future but Google has started using better algorithms to detect spam and guest blogging being done just for the aim of acquiring a back-link. Hence it’s important to write down unique and well-written guest posts and publish them on high DA websites. From High DA we mean accompanying 45+ DA websites.

How can I find a Guest blog post site?

You can find the Guest blogging site by using the subsequent search queries. With the assistance of those queries, your search will reach you to your targeted guest post website.

  • “submit a guest post”
  • “guest post by”
  • “contribute an article”
  • “want to write”
  • “submit your post”
  • “submit blog post”
  • “submit a blog post”
  • “submitting guest article”
  • “become a contributor”
  • “accepting gust posts”

How can I submit a guest post on any website?

Process of Submitting a Guest Posting:

  • Search for a list of top blogs based upon which niche your blog is.
  • Finalizing sites – supported the subsequent metrics
  • Approaching
  • Email Format

You are good to travel if you follow the above procedure step by step, let me know if my answer helped you build back-links, relationships with other bloggers, and also let me know I have missed anything, otherwise you want to understand any point in additional detail.

How am I able to do Guest Posting?

When you are a contract writer trying to write down or guest post there are a couple of things that you simply have to follow. The primary thing that you simply got to neutralize this regard is to seem up good magazines which will publish your work. The simplest candidates, during this case, are the magazines that have the simplest reputation among all that you simply are trying to find during this case. These are ones that publish works by freelance writers like you. they're also ones that publish the type of labor that you simply happen to concentrate on. These are the items that you simply got to confine your mind during this particular regard.

Getting in Touch with the Editor

This is the second step during this particular pursuit. just in case the blog in question has certain stepwise guidelines to submit a guest post you ought to follow them to the letter. However, if the blog doesn't have any such process concerning pitching guest posts you ought to use the contact form. you ought to use it in order that you'll determine if the editor would accept guest posts or not. during this case, you've got to spot yourself also as your company, to start with. After this, you would like to supply details on your qualifications also. You also need to enquire support from her or him about making your offering. As and when the editor gets back to you and asks you to form your pitch you would like to form sure your pitch may be a good one.

Waiting for Approval

Many people are always waiting to be guest bloggers like you and it's but natural that they're sending their pitches and materials to the editors of those magazines also. That might mean that you simply need to twiddle my thumbs and wait a couple of weeks for your work to be published. In fact, if you do not listen to them for a few weeks you'll constantly send a quick follow-up request also. If you do not hear anything even then appear up with a singular idea or pitch your idea elsewhere.

Submitting your Guest Post

If your guest post has been approved you've got to submit it in a format that has been provided to you by the editor. you furthermore may get to confirm that you simply are submitting it on time. It might be that the editor asks you to form some changes to your blog post. therein case, you've got to stay on doing so till the time it meets the wants that are necessary during this case.


In the final step of the method, you've got to publish your guest post. Exactly because it looks within the premium magazines nice blogs have their editorial calendars also. this is often why you'd be benefited if you'll consider what an editor might want to publish a couple of months down the road once you are making the pitch. you've got to form sure that you simply get your timing right always.

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