Web Hosting Write For Us Category Accepted (developergang1@gmail.com)

Web Hosting Write For Us Category Accepted

Would You Like To Impart Your Wisdom And Experience? The Best Place To Share Your Article With The Globe Is Developer Gang!

We Sincerely Appreciate Your Desire To Share Your Expertise On Web Hosting Write For Us With Us. You Can Connect With A New Audience By Posting An Article On Our Website. We Think That Guest Blogging Offers Beginners And Experts Alike The Finest Venue For Exchanging Ideas, Information, And Experience.

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Subject Areas For Articles We Accept On Web Hosting Write For Us:

  • Host A Website
  • Web Development And Design
  • Wp Themes And Plugins
  • Hosting Options Include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting, And Vps Hosting.
  • Affiliate
  • These Include Cms, Control Panel, Whm, Plesk, Joomla, And Magento.
  • Social Networking, Blogging Advice, Seo Software, And Tools


Here Are Some Rules You Must Adhere To Before Submitting Your Guest Post on Write For Us Web Hosting:

  • The Article Must Be Entirely Original And Must Not Have Been Plagiarized. When Writing Your Post, Avoid Utilizing Any Software That Spins The Text.
  • A Minimum Of 500 Words Should Be Used.
  • The Article Shouldn't Contain Any Grammatical Errors.
  • The Article's Content Shouldn't Contain Any Advertising. The Readers Should Gain Something From It.
  • Your Content Will Be More Intriguing If You Include At Least 2-3 High-Quality Photographs. It Is Extremely Forbidden To Use A Copyrighted Photograph Without Permission.
  • It Must Touch On The Specialized Subjects Mentioned Above.
  • Affiliate Links Should Not Be Utilized.
  • There Should Be No Links To Spamming Websites.
  • Your Author Bio Must Be Included In A Separate File With A Brief Description That Includes Your Full Name And An Author Image (Size: 400 X 400 Pixels).
  • Please Upload A Featured Image For Your Article That Is 800 X 445 Pixels In Size. Please Take Note That Text Should Not Be Included In The Image.
  • Create A Zip File Containing All of Your Photographs, Material, And Author Bios, And Submit It To Us At The Email Address Provided Below.
  • We Don't Offer Any Contextual Links In Any of Our Current Articles.
  • We Will Respond To You To Let You Know The Day Your Item Will Be Published If It Complies With Our Editorial Policies And Content Plan. The Publication Of The Article Could Take Up To Two Weeks.

Format for Write For Us Web Hosting:

  • Your Article's Title And Subheadings Should Capitalize All Of The First Letters.
  • Make A Point Bold If It Is Significant.
  • The Quotes Themselves Should Have Punctuation. "This Is An Illustration,"
  • Use Subheadings, Lists, Graphics, And Brief Paragraphs To Break Up Long Passages Of Text.
  • Add Commas To Indicate Brief Pauses.
  • When Listing Many Items, Use Bullets.
  • Between Sentences And Words, There Is Only One Space.
  • Don't Forget To Neatly Summarize All The Points Made In The Post's Body When You Close Your Article.
  • At The Conclusion Of Your Piece, Invite The Reader To Post A Comment.
  • Your Content Should Have A "Click To Tweet" Button That Readers May Use To Share It On Twitter. Your Doc File Should Have Comments That Underline The Sentence You Want To Be Tweetable.

Please Contact developergang1@gmail.com With Your Blog Post About Write For Us Web Hosting, And We'll Help You Stay Up For 24 Hours. 

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