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Have you ever wanted to write down a piece of writing in web design? Did you waste enough time with other websites and blogs thanks to their tedious process and approvals?

Do you have an excellent idea in mind and you would like to be heard? Then just read our blogs or pages related to graphic design write for us niche.

First, You Would Like To Know About Graphic Design

Web designers plan, create, and code websites and sites, many of which combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, and video clips. an internet designer is liable for creating the planning and layout of an internet site or site.

From a career plan, web design may be a good option/chance for starting a career within the IT industry. Web designers design websites, sites, and web applications for state or non-government organizations, businesses, industries, and company firms to determine their identity online and  Developer Gang wants you to understand what we want from you. Dear writers, if you want to write for a graphic design write for us niche then you must have deep knowledge about the topic.

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You Need To Read This Carefully

If you're an internet designer/developer, graphic designer, or maybe an experienced blogger, perhaps you'd wish to share a number of your knowledge or expertise with the readers of Developer Gang then please write for the graphic design write for us category.

You could browse our archives to offer you an insight into the articles we wish to publish, but to be honest, we are hospitable to most topics, and that we really love new and innovative ideas. Though you'd wish to contribute a piece of writing but you're a touch bit unsure about what to write down about, just get in-tuned with us, we'll guide you in the right direction.

We accept articles in any format, whatever you are feeling most comfortable with, text, HTML…whatever. The only thing that we'll ask is that you simply keep the image sizes consistent, up to a maximum size of 600px. All the remainder, we'll look out of it, don't worry.

Topics We Accept Articles On Graphic Design Write For Us Category!

Here may be a detail of every topic that we are accepting on our website.

  1. Graphic Design Tutorials and Guides
  2. Web Design Tips, Guides, and Tutorials
  3. Creation of Logos and Icons Guide
  4. Digital Marketing Articles
  5. SEO and Web Hosting Related Guides
  6. All About WordPress Including Plugins & Themes
  7. Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing
  8. Content Marketing & Blogging Tips
  9. Internet Business & Ideas.
  10. Photoshop Tutorials
  11. Illustration Tutorials
  12. Web Design Tips
  13. Logo Design Tips
  14. Graphic Design Tips
  15. High-Quality FREE PSDs
  16. Design Tips

Guidelines For Us Graphic Design Write For Us Niche 

  • Minimum word count 800+ words
  • You should use step by step tutorial style
  • JPG screenshot should be 700px width and no restriction tall
  • Include the ultimate source file for downloading
  • Use HD pictures that are related to the content and copyright free 
  • Please add proper heading and subheadings to the content.
  • We don't accept rewrites of existing tutorials.
  • Your content must be your original work and not published anywhere else.

Please Note:

  • Your tutorial could also be edited before publishing.
  • All tutorials won't be accepted. We only accept tutorials that match our niche.
  • You grant exclusive rights to publish the tutorial. This suggests that no other site (including your own) can publish a full version of the tutorial.

Conclusion For Graphic Designing Write for Us Category Blog’s Submission:

Please email us at to submit your blog post associated with graphic design write for us and that we assist you to attend for twenty-four hours. Like you we've already many submissions, so kindly await our revert we'll provide you with a link within 24 hours.