High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Social Bookmarking means an online service to store the Url or Links that we most commonly like to save on the browser or the Social bookmarking Sites.

Suppose I am searching on the Web for a topic called SEO. I will go through some websites. Suddenly I came through a website which I liked the most. Then it will definitely I will read this information and save it for future use. Or sometimes we like the website for more updates regarding our topic.

In that Scenario, I will bookmark the link of that page into the Social bookmarking websites.

Social bookmarking is giving us the power to saving your URL n public sites. It does mean you'll add your site’s URL on the sites which are supplying you with the place to feature your website’s link. Or we will say this is often an off-page submission activity that permits us to save lots of the URL publicly.

Top High PR (Page Rank) Social Bookmarking Sites List:

Sr. No Website Url (Link) Moz (DA)
1 https://www.reddit.com 98
2 https://slashdot.org 92
3 http://www.bookmark4you.com 65
4 http://www.exactseek.com/ 68
5 https://www.scoop.it 92
6 http://www.socialbookmarkssite.com 59
7 http://digg.com 94
8 https://www.google.com/bookmarks/ 98
9 https://www.diigo.com 92
10 http://www.4mark.net/ 42
11 http://www.whitelinks.com 41
12 https://www.plurk.com 91
13 http://www.pearltrees.com 91
14 http://bookmarkingbase.com 51
15 https://www.bookmarkspocket.com 41
16 http://url.org 74
17 http://www.ezyspot.com 48
18 http://www.sitejot.com 66
19 http://motofon.net 43
20 https://www.aboogy.com 42
21 https://onmogul.com 66
22 http://www.thebaynet.com 63
23 http://www.updatesee.com 47
24 https://www.livejournal.com 95
25 http://www.ttlink.com 80
26 http://www.plerb.com 55
27 http://www.techsite.io/ 37
28 https://www.fark.com 80
29 http://www.folkd.com 87
30 http://blinklist.com 89
31 http://www.actweb-sport.com 40
32 https://dzone.com 83
33 https://twicsy.com 63
34 https://lockerdome.com 72
35 https://growth.org 34
36 http://eugendorf.net 51
37 http://tatvanstories.com 48
38 http://www.blogengage.com 55
39 https://www.metafilter.com 80
40 https://www.mendeley.com 78
41 https://linkarena.com 76
42 https://boingboing.net 91
43 https://www.librarything.com 86
44 http://getpocket.com 92
45 http://blogmarks.net 75
46 https://www.instapaper.com 87
47 https://www.sociopost.com 52
48 https://www.dailyhostnews.com 39
49 http://www.sfcsf.org 49
50 http://www.myhq.com 53
51 http://aixindashi.org 59
52 http://www.airpim.biz 30
53 http://akonter.com 59
54 http://www.jodohkita.info 57
55 http://seobook.seosocialnews.info 45
56 http://www.seomast.com 40
57 https://mix.com 62
58 http://www.crazybacklink.com 43
59 http://cloudtrip.com/ 48
60 http://bookmarksmywebs.com 54

Why Do We Save in Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites?

This is a genuine question that comes in everyone's mind.
Because in the browser we have already a button and option to save it on the browser.

But the answer to this question is that if we save it on the Social Bookmarking Website then we can access it on everywhere. Which means I am not using my Laptop, PC or system but the other's one also.

So to access my page anywhere I store or bookmark the link on Social bookmarking websites.

What is The Procedure to Try to do Social Bookmarking

  • Select a social bookmarking site. Each site provides a special outlook..
  • Upload links and bookmark pages. ...
  • Connect to social media. ...
  • Tag the links. ...
  • Use for SEO.

Benefits in SEO?

If we look into SEO purpose then, for every bookmarking of our own website provides the Dofollow or Nofollow Backlinks.
In a result we have backlinks and the Page Rank will flow from those HIgh Pr Websites to our websites.

Means if we are saving our own website into the top social bookmarking websites with high page rank list that I have listed below then it will boost in ranking in Google SERPS.

The social bookmarks tell the program or algorithms that the content you have written is effective. They increase your authority and credibility. That will improve your ranking on keywords associated with your business. Read on to find out why social bookmarking should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking.

  • Ability to share pictures, videos, and links:
  • Increased program visibility and brand awareness:
  • Quick indexing in Google:
  • Increase in SEO value:
  • Faster Site Indexing
  • Website Traffic
  • Social Signal
  • Backlinks

Why We Need To Do Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites invite the audience to go to actually because they will create and share links to the famous sites. ... a strong social bookmark movement may result in leading thousands of potential new customers to your website.

Bookmarking sites have their own bookmarking impact on the ranking of the bookmarked sites. They are used to eventually improve the PageRank and SERPs of the sites. Since Google is getting to make SEO social, Social Bookmarking may be convenient thanks to improving program ranking.