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Submit blog post is a good idea to spread content marketing on the web. As we are getting good content we came further with infographics and video content. You can also send us Videos created with a short paragraph. So you have the option to add videos post on Developer Gang from today Oct 12, 2019, onwards. For queries, you can contact through below form.

For the Infographics you have to prepare the Genuine one which will match or related to our website Niche. That is Web Development, Web Designing, WordPress, Magento, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Mobile App Development, etc.


And with the Submission of Infographics, you have to write a paragraph that describes your Infographics.

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We allow submissions only by filling the below form with your Post (Article) title and the short description of your post.

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Guest Posts or Articles should be a minimum of 800 words and should cover the topic in detail.
No one loves incomplete articles. I take quality as one of the major concerns in allowing guest posts.
To assure your article gets published, write a very original piece which is written especially for the DeveloperGang fans.

#3 Images + Infographics
As we all appreciate, Images speak a thousand words.
Create a nice Infographic so that it would give a delightful appeal to your post or article.

#4 Self-promotion
We allow a genuine contribution and will appreciate your work.
Thus, you will get a backlink to your reference website or blog page in the body of the guest Post or A+rticle.

#5 Copyright
We respect everyone’s work. In the situation, we get that you have reproduced a Blog Post or Article from somewhere else,,
We will immediately remove of all your blog posts and articles from DeveloperGang.
Also, by submitting a Blog post or Guest Post to DeveloperGang, you give us Copyright ownership of the post. This helps us to deal with any DMCA related issues.

#6 Queries
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