2 Advanced Methods For Building Backlinks in 2022


When a kind stranger posts a link to your site from their website, it's like a great big present all wrapped up with a bow. This act of recognition and appreciation for your work goes way beyond an ego boost. This gift-shaped link (a ‘backlink’) travels like a laser-guided missile straight to Google's all-seeing eyes. The result, over time, means your site gains authority and traffic. Win-win.

Backlink strategies have been an essential part of online marketing for over a decade. They aid in improving your website's ranking, traffic, and reputation. They even help to build relationships. However, though the effectiveness of quality backlinks hasn't changed, the methods for acquiring them has.

Thriving digital marketers amalgamate a myriad of backlink strategies into their overall marketing plans. Successful digital marketers build links on sites with high authority but also with meaning to their customer base. To EARN your backlinks, you need to have something valuable to say.

Here are two advanced - but easy - backlink strategies;

1. Guest Blog For Quality Sites

This first strategy has winning potential written all over it. It may take a little time and effort - but it's well worth the sweat and tears.

Having your content posted on other sites will not only help broaden your brand's reach, but it will also build authority. Alongside this, it'll additionally drive traffic back to your website — triple yay!

For this backlink approach, the benefit is gaining a long-term relationship with a more significant and authoritative brand and website.

By building a relationship with influencers, the door opens up to even more future marketing opportunities. These possibilities include guest blogs, additional articles, and perhaps co-marketed projects, as well as more yummy backlinks.

So, where do you start?

1. Make a List of Desirable Sites

Step one entails locating sites from which you'd like to gain referral traffic. Ask yourself the following questions;

1. Where are your customers going for information?
2. What are they reading?
3. What sites are they visiting?

Begin by collating a list of the top 20 - 30 sites you can find. If you're struggling, why not ask your customers?

Something to consider; chasing after random, but high authority sites to gain backlinks isn't as effective as you might imagine. If you've grafted to create quality content; you want a maximum return.

By reaching out to a specific audience, you'll achieve more significant results.

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2. Whittle Them Down

The second step is to rank your chosen sites by their domain authority, social authority, and relevance to your services.

You can use sites like MozBar or Open Site Explorer to classify domain authority. Followerwonk can be deployed to identify personal authority.

Make a note of Facebook likes and LinkedIn business followers to assist with your ranking process. Also, don't forget to check the site's regulations on posting and sharing. Some of them may not take Guest Posting outside of their network. Minimize time-wasting.

At the end of your whittling process, you'll have left only the tastiest talent. Focus your efforts on these sites. They're the creme de la creme and your safe passage to links-Ville.

3. Hone Your Pitch

You'll now need to locate the submission forms or the email addresses of the editors/content writers on each site. In these situations, first impressions mean everything.

You'll want a honed and compelling pitch that is ready for action; anything less will result in a dead-end.

When considering topics to pitch, take into account the following things;

1. The articles already on the site
2. The readers
3. The person to whom you're pitching

Your blog must be of value to them, and you have a small window of opportunity to sell yourself. Make it concise, note their sterling work, and sell your expertise.

Demonstrating that you've done your research and read their content goes a long way. It shows respect.

A good site will, like George Clooney on Valentine’s Day, be overwhelmed by requests and declarations of love. With this in mind, make your email memorable and personal.

Follow up on communications, stay in touch and build a relationship. Even If there isn't a current opportunity, there may be one further down the road, so connect with them and share their content through social media channels.

4. Optimize Your Blog Post

Upon acquiring a positive response, first, give yourself a massive high-five. Then, when creating your fantastic article, remember to keep the site editor and readers at the forefront of your mind.

Ask for guidelines if they haven't been made clear - better to know where you stand, than be ditched last minute.

Select one call-to-action for your site's blog article. If referral traffic comes through as you hope, you want the link back to your website to be meaningful. Perhaps link back to a blog article that delves deeper into the topic you've begun.

If you're a content ninja, with luck, your article will be posted and garner valuable backlinks. The blog article you picked as your 'call-to-action' will get more traffic to your blog as a bonus result.


2. Approach Influencers For Feedback

This model of outreach is most efficient if you sell a product. As in tip one, begin by creating a list of bloggers and influencers who might be keen to provide a review. By scouring Google for keywords related to your product, you'll discover potential blogger-shaped options.

If you're tempted by this route, you must first ensure that your product is ready for review. It has to be primed and ready to dazzle!

After making your target list, compile a compelling, friendly and non-spammy email. Try to be helpful, personable and human.

Remember to:
1. Introduce yourself
2. Introduce your dazzling product
3. Offer to 'gift' your product to the blogger - who can resist a gift??
4. If they're keen, ask that they consider a little product mention on their blog, or maybe a review.

This technique may take a little love and some additional communication past your first email. After working with the writer, you'll hopefully have a budding relationship to show for it.

With backlinks aplenty, this long-game strategy should drive more visits to your website or blog. Moreover, it'll open doors to future blog post submission opportunities and gain valuable site authority.


Backlink campaigns need excellent planning. Razor-sharp knowledge is required, and the delivery must be spot-on. Execute thorough prior research, and develop a plan that works for your business, niche, and your schedule.

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