Dig Deeper to Know Why Your Website Is Not Ranking the Way You Want It To



Summary:  It is often a cause of concern for most website owners that their website is not ranking as high as they expect it to. But what they don’t understand is they might have missed out on some important aspects of their website. You might not have targeted the right audience; you might have missed the rights keywords; and there may be a lot of other aspects, which you might have missed. So, you will read some reasons in this post, which can prove to be a barrier to a website’s success.

Increasing the website ranking – this is the major concern of every aware entrepreneur or a website owner today. Organizations, stores, clinics, and even the individual entrepreneurs or service providers work on some ranking factors. But, still, there are the units who have the complaint that their websites are not ranking the way they want.

If you are facing such problem, you are required to dig deeper to know why your website is not ranking the way you want. But, the question that may be in your mind is what to check to understand the factors and to do the work accordingly.

There are a number of reasons that can act as the barriers in the ranking of your website. Here, you will know about some of the reasons that might be ceasing the ranking of your website. It is not necessary that all these reasons are behind the low ranking of your website. Even if one of the reasons exists then also your website may face the crisis of a low ranking. Read them and analyze if there are any of the reasons mentioned below.

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1. You Are Not Being Noticed by Right Audiences

It is a known fact that the SEO process is accomplished to attract the right audiences towards your website. But, if you haven’t targeted your keywords properly, your website may get the random audiences, who are not relevant to your business and the right audiences are diverting to some other website, like the website of your competitor or the website of someone else in the industry.

Apart from the keyword targeting, there are some other reasons, which might be the cause of getting the wrong audiences to your website.

If you have posted the links of your website at the irrelevant places on the net, then also you can get the audiences, who may not be actually interested in your products, services, or the information provided by you, and may leave your site without any purchase or meaningful activity. You should also remember that posting the links at the wrong online destinations also comes under the black hat SEO technique, and your website can be penalized by the search engines if you do so.


2. Your Keywords Do Not Mean What You Think They Do

Keywords are undoubtedly important parts of the SEO process. You target a keyword so that you could get your web page ranked on that keyword. But, are you sure that Google is taking the keywords in the same meaning, for which you have targeted it? Sometimes, you target some term for targeting your business page, for which Google is inclined to providing the information.
Let’s understand this more vividly with the help of an example. You have targeted the keywords like “SEO”, “Search Engine Optimization”, and “Social Media Marketing” and more such generic words or phrases. For such phrases, it is often witnessed that Google prefers to provide the information to the users on the top results instead of displaying the links of the digital marketing companies.

Moreover, most of the people who search for these words or phrases are those who are seeking information. So, even if your website comes at the first page at some moment on the search engine, it may not get enough clicks after searchers see the description, and the Google algorithm may rank your website down.
The audiences who are genuinely seeking the services of SEO or digital marketing agencies, their searches may have the phrases like “SEO Company” or “Digital Marketing Agency” etc. instead of using the phrases used for the procedures. These are some generic keywords. In addition to them, some long-tail keywords are required that you may research with the help of keyword research tools.

3. You Are Not Showing Your Online Presence Outside Your Website

It is true that your website is the base of your business, but your website cannot exist on its own, and you need to show the online presence outside also.
You need some other types of digital marketing methods for giving a strong presence to your website. Some of the aspects, on which you are needed to work today, are:

#Content Marketing
Content marketing is supposed to be an efficient, compelling and customized online strategy. It works practically in any industry. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is focused on creating the content that should be valuable, relevant and consistent. It is done for creating and retaining clearly defined audiences, and ultimately for driving the profitable customer action.
Content marketing is beneficial in building your authority in the industry. You can create the content on the blog spaces or through the articles on the article sites. When the audiences get the relevant information through your articles or the blog post, they may contact you if they need your products or services. Your website gets more traffic, and it is one of the reasons why a number of websites get ranked on Google or Bing.
When you don’t have such a presence online, the chances of ranking of your website are decreased.

#Social Media Marketing
Social media presence is a necessary aspect for every business today. The social media presence gives you billions of audiences if you do social media marketing in a proper manner. There is no doubt that a lot of clicks you get today with the help of social media platforms. Social media platforms may not have a direct impact on the website ranking, but it gives more traffic to your website, which definitely helps you in the search engine ranking.

#Video Marketing
Similarly, more and more entrepreneurs are providing tutorials through videos, which are the great sources of website traffic that helps in ranking. So, if you have not updated yourself according to the changing trends, it may not be good for your website ranking.

4. Google Has Penalized Your Website

Google has launched a number of algorithm updates till date to give chance to the deserving websites. After a recent update, it has also declared in one of its tweets that building great content is a source to give rise to the penalized websites.

Due to these algorithm updates, a lot of websites have been penalized who have not followed the terms of Google. Some of the penalized websites had used the unethical ways to promote their sites, like excessive backlinks, hidden texts, duplicate content or mirror site and a lot more. On the other hand, there are many other such sites, which had managed their sites in the wrong way due to their unawareness.

So, there may be chances when you were unaware of the algorithm updates, and your website was penalized by Google. This may be reasons why your website might have gone at the low ranking. You need to analyze if you are using any such method right now also. If yes, then you are required to leave that method as soon as possible.
Besides, there is one more thing that you need to remember. The penalized websites take more time in ranking as compared to the new websites, which are not yet in the ranking. So, if you are working correctly, you need to have some patience and wait for some time for acquiring the ranking for your website again.

5. You Are Giving Less Time for Website SEO

This may seem to be a basic thing, but it is really important to understand. It takes time in researching, creating and implementing a strategy and starting producing content for SEO purposes.
It takes time to influence the search engines, and you need patience for that. It takes around six months to one year to get the ranking on the search engines. During that time, you need to give proper time to the SEO procedure.

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned aspects give you a brief idea about why your website is not ranking on the search engines like Google and Bing. You can explore more such reasons on the World Wide Web. You need to work to remove the barriers that are stopping your website to come in the top results on Google or Bing.

Apart from removing the barriers, you can also work some additional work for your website. For example, you can register your business to the search engine directories such as Google My Business and Bing Places, if you haven’t done this as yet. In addition to numerous benefits, these search engine directories allow your websites to start crawling on Google or Bing.
When you dig deeper to know the reason for the low ranking of your website, you can definitely make the better strategy for the SEO process, and take your business to the great heights.

Shubham is working as a Digital Marketing Officer with Canbayinc, NJ SEO company. He loves to write helpful information related to SEO and social media, best practices and tactics on a regular basis. He is passionate about football and loves to get some dust off his boots whenever free.

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