How to Dress Best for Work?



Gone are those days when you need to dress up in suits for your office to look like a professional. With the billionaires of the world getting dressed up in casuals for their work, the notion of dressing up for work has changed a lot. But not many around are aware of how to put the clothes in the right fashion and order. For those who are clueless as to how they need to get dressed up for the work. They could take some ideas from the tips provided below. 

If you are taking steps to look very professional at your workplace, then you need to change your wardrobe. Also, the kind of dress code you maintain is in direct correlation with the current position you hold at your office. 

The major rule to follow 

While dressing up for work, you could follow the plus one or minus one rule. The plus one rule indicates that you could always dress one step higher that would end up working to your advantage and take you to a higher rank. 

The minus one rule should be applied only when you are expected to be very casual. It can be a weekend or some other casual event at your workplace. In other aspects, it is always expected to follow the plus one rule. Don’t follow the plus 2 rule as it would make you look overdressed. 

What is the type of casual business clothing? 

Very few are aware of the fact that there are three types of casual business clothing, Baseline casual, mainstream casual, and executive casual.

The Baseline casual comprises of nice men’s t-shirts which are generally colored along with denim dark in color and paired up with sneakers. For women, it could be a good-fit t-shirt and not a tight t-shirt, crisp skirt, and elegant sneakers. 

The mainstream casual clothing for men is mostly shirts and sweaters. This is the combination of different patterns and corduroy pants or slacks along with shoes. For women, it would be short-sleeved tops and skirts with open-toe shoes. 

The executive casual clothing for men is usually bright colored shirts with tight pants. For women, one could go for bright colored shirt along with a jacket and unique accessories and jewelry would add elegance to the look. Closed-toe pumps for feet are the right choice.

In case you are completely clueless on how to dress right, these are some of the tips you could follow. 

  • Take inspiration

You need not take inspiration from Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. You could look at the dress style of your boss or leader and take some inspiration from it. 

  • Be neat 

 You could go for casual or formal attire or anything you wish but make sure it’s neat. 

  • Detailing

Dressing up is not just the clothes, but also includes the accessories. So, pay attention to details.

A lot of employees felt that standard formal clothing attire gave rise to less confusion. Some were okay with the idea of wearing a uniform to work every day. With the no strict dress code coming into place at most of the workplaces, what to wear for work and how could one look their best at the workplace has become a daunting question. One could take some excerpts from the points given to dress up.

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