Helpful Suggestions for Choosing the Right Venue for Corporate Parties



There are several decisions to make when organizing events like corporate parties. Finding the right place will play a huge role in the success of the activity. Schedule, food, and the total experience can be impacted just by choosing the wrong party venue.

If you’re aware of the factors to consider before making a decision, you don’t need to be worried about it.

Finding the perfect place

When looking for the appropriate venue, one thing to remember is to book it earlier as soon as you’ve found one. This is a practical way to secure the venue from getting taken away by other firms for their next corporate event. At times, huge venues are like fast-selling commodities, especially if it’s party season and they can get “sold out” quickly.

Reserving the place for at least four months before the celebration is long enough to plan everything. If this a big occasion, you will have plenty of time to organize the invitation, catering, hosts, and other related details.

Huge parking area

The venue must have a vast parking space. Since corporate parties are expected to have plenty of guests, assume that each one of them will bring their car. This is a safe number to set, even if some will be in a carpool. Aside from that, this will also estimate how wide the reserved space needed for the attendees is. 

It may be a huge car park, but there can be other patrons who don’t belong to your party who’ll be using other facilities near the venue. Thus, they will also require a parking space in that area.

You can also shoulder the parking fee and incorporate it with the venue’s cost if they offer you a reasonable package. This way, guests don’t have to think of settling right before they leave the venue. Or you can let the attendees settle it. Either way, the car park has to be spacious enough to accommodate everyone’s vehicles.


Finding a local venue is much easier than in a neighboring town. When you want to hold it in a different setting, finding a new location will take extra time and factors such as the distance from the hometown to the venue itself.

Take note of the traffic and schedule of peak hours in that particular town. You may also need to book a local hotel for the guests if the party ends a little late, and the majority of attendees are from out of town.  All these have to be put into consideration.

On the other hand, if it is just within your city, consider the traffic build up and alternative routes that attendees can take to avoid the jam. This will incredibly help for the guests to arrive on time.

Ensure that directions going to the venue are provided on the invitations. Again, some corporate events may require out-of-town guests to join. They may not be familiar with how to get to the hotel from the venue.

Easy to access

Accessibility of the place is essential in all corporate parties, especially for attendees with special needs. Ensure there are amenities for these people since you won’t know who may arrive. Even if you know who will be there, anybody can bring someone you may not know. 

Whether they’re part of the program host or someone else’s guest, the venue should be accessible to people with disabilities. Inquire from the venue management or read the reviews from the previous clients. This will help you find out the types of amenities they have.