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Are you interested in cryptocurrencies and want to contribute your thoughts and observations? Not sure where to begin? Write for us to share your original and fascinating information about the game-changing blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, or your preferred coins!

Guest authors are encouraged to contribute on topics relating to cryptocurrencies. What we post on our website is strictly controlled by us. Before you apply to become a contributor and submit a guest article, please be sure you read it again.

Article contributions are always welcome as long as they adhere to our editorial standards. Contributing to our website is a volunteer role, but you will always get full credit for any items you submit and have published there.

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  • Minimum to the maximum word count of 700 to 1000.
  • Only cryptocurrency-related topics are covered.
  • Only original stuff.
  • Only articles of the highest caliber that benefit our readers.
  • No promoting oneself. Get in contact if you'd like to advertise.
  • Before and after publication, we reserve the right to alter and amend your content.
  • The author's bio may contain links to your website and social media.

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  • Become well-known in the writing community.
  • enlarge your reach globally using the website and social media
  • the opportunity to collaborate with one of the most recognisable names in the global bitcoin blogging community
  • Use articles as a resource for upcoming writing assignments.
  • Become a better writer and keep up with the latest styles


  • Send us your posts as neat HTML/DOC documents. 
  • Break up your post into brief, skimmable paragraphs. 
  • Use h2 tags for subheadings for each significant point. 
  • End with a strong conclusion and an open question to engage readers and invite comments. 
  • Attach photographs.

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