Why Career Changers Should Study Nursing Online



Making the decision to change to a completely new career is brave, particularly if you do not know what you want to change to. Nevertheless, many people decide to change their career as they want to feel a greater sense of direction and purpose in their lives, improve their quality of life, and possibly earn more money.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that nursing is one of the most popular career paths for career changers. This article explores the attractions of a career in nursing and why online study is the path of choice for so many. 

Why choose a career in nursing?

There is a growing demand for registered nurses in the United States, which is predicted to increase significantly in the next decade, so deciding to train as a nurse is a great choice if you are concerned about future job security. Registered nurses, on average, can earn $75,000 per year, have plenty of scope for progression, and the fact that working hours are shift-based offers lots of flexibility. 

But aside from the practical advantages, a career in nursing can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling you could ask for. Nurses provide essential care and emotional guidance when we are physically and/or mentally unwell, injured, or traumatized. They are the largest workforce in the healthcare sector and are vital to society. Being a nurse means making a real positive impact globally, and there are few more worthwhile ways to spend your working life. 

Why choose online study?

Now that we have addressed why becoming a nurse could be the right path, it’s time to look at why studying online has its advantages rather than traveling to study on a traditional campus. 

Online programs offer flexibility

Online programs enable students to complete their studies on their own schedule. This enables people to balance their degree with their full or part-time job and family commitments.

This can be very helpful when it comes to funding the course as it is not always possible to give up work to study. In addition, online study can be completed any time of the day or night from home, the office, a library, or anywhere else. 

Online programs are often more affordable

Another big deterrent for people considering a career change is how they will finance their studies and support themselves. It will have a big impact on which college they choose as there can be significant differences in cost. Online courses will still charge per the credits you take, but it is common for online students to avoid paying out-of-state tuition fees. By studying online, you also avoid lodging, commuting, and other expenses that on-campus students face. 

Online programs incorporate technology

The modern healthcare industry relies on technology to operate efficiently. To succeed as a nurse, you will need to be able to use computers, software programs, and other technology proficiently. While on-campus students will have to use technology in their studies, people who complete online programs do so to a much greater extent.

In fact, when a potential employer is considering applicants, they will be confident that a candidate who has completed an online course will be able to excel on a computer system. It can also be beneficial to get to grips with software and computers in your own home and at your own pace, without feeling the time constraints or pressure of others watching and waiting.

Online programs provide plenty of opportunities for networking

A common criticism of online study is that it does not offer the same opportunities for socializing and networking with other students and tutors. In reality, on-campus students spend much of their time commuting, attending classes, moving between classes, and completing the coursework that there is not much time left over for anything else.

An online nursing program will be conducted via email, virtual classrooms, and webinars which enables much of the same communication and interaction with other students and chances to build a network. 

Online programs can be quicker to complete

Many accelerated programs can be completed in a significantly shorter timeframe than campus-based courses, especially if you focus on it full-time. If you hold a degree in any discipline, you could access an accelerated program to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). For example, the Elmhurst University’s accelerated nursing program online can be completed in as little as 16 months if studied exclusively. With the exception of on-campus residencies and clinical hours, all work is completed online. It is worth noting, however, that it is usually not possible to hold a job at the same time as studying on an accelerated course as it is fast-paced and intensive. 

Online programs can be accessed from anywhere

In addition to the flexibility of study schedules, online courses also provide people with more choice in terms of which course provider they choose. While it will be necessary to travel to the campus to complete clinical hours of practical experience, most of the studying can be completed from anywhere you have an internet connection.

This means that students can select a school based on its quality and credentials, not on its geographical location. Being at home also makes it possible for students to keep a part-time or full-time job while studying as they have more time. This can help them to be more financially comfortable while studying. Click here for ways to earn extra money while you study.

Completing an online program shows the strength of character

When the time comes to apply for your first nursing position, the fact that you have achieved your nursing degree via an online program can work in your favor.

There used to a be a misconception that online degrees were somehow inferior to on-campus degrees, but this is no longer the case. Studying an online program requires a high level of self-discipline, organization, dedication, and self-motivation, all of which are wonderful qualities for a nurse to possess. This is especially true if you manage to study while also working or caring for a family.

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