Why Are Custom Made Bed Frames Better Than Premade Bed Frames?

Fun ( or rather not ) fact: according to a study, 33-45 % of Australian adults are either not getting enough sleep or suffer from poor quality sleep.

Many people consider the mattress to be the most important part of a bed. While it is an essential part of a bed, a bed frame is equally as important. 

Nowadays, people do a lot of their furniture shopping online. You can find a wide variety of different Australian made beds online, whether you’re looking for a premade bed or a customised one. Here, in this article, you’ll be guided through the importance of bed frames and how a custom made one beat out premade ones any day.

Importance of a Bed Frame

An essential piece of furniture for any dwelling, a bed frame can make a major difference to both the aesthetics of your bedroom and the quality of sleep.

Without a bed frame, you won’t be getting proper support or stability when lying down on the bed. Also, leaving your mattress on the floor can lead to mould, mildew and insect infestations. Elevating the mattress with a bed frame removes this problem and reduces the moisture under the mattress while keeping the room fresh, airy, and mould and insect-free!

Another thing that bed frames provide is a level of refinement. Even a luxurious, expensive bed can look pitifully run down without a bed frame. So, adding a bed frame will majorly boost the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Benefits of Custom Made Bed Frame 

  • Tailored to Exactly What You Need

With custom made bed frames, you can personalise it to your heart’s desire. Whether you want extra storage or want a unique design, the sky’s the limit.

  • More Value For Money

Sure, a custom made bed frame costs more than a premade one, but you get way more value for money with a customised bed frame. Why? Since you get to pick everything, from the material to the designs and the add-ons, it’ll be a piece made just for you. It’ll be special because you had a big hand in creating it.

  • Shows Your Style

A custom made bed frame lets you show off your individuality. Are you looking for a cushy bed head to add to your bed frame? Or maybe you want a clean, simple minimalist design. Whatever is in your imagination, it can be achieved with a custom made bed frame.

  • Relieves Pain and Improves Posture

If you have backaches or any other posture-related problems, a custom made bed frame is a great purchase since it is designed while keeping your specific issues in mind.

  • Sleep Deeper

Beds produced in mass can’t match up with the comfort and satisfaction a custom made bed frame offers. With a custom-made bed, you’re guaranteed a deeper, more restful slumber.

  • Allows You to Utilise the Available Space 

If you live in a small or cramped space, a normal, premade bed frame will prove to be a hassle as it may not fit. Instead, consider a custom made bed frame as you can size it down according to your needs.

Overall, a custom made bed frame offers a host of benefits and is a great investment.
Well, that’s about it! Hopefully, this article has guided you through the perks of a custom made bed frame. Be sure to check out the different sites that offer Australian made beds online, and make sure to do your research!

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