Assisted Living vs Independent Living


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There is a stark contrast when analyzing the difference between assisted living and independent living. When considering living arrangements for yourself or for a senior relative, it’s important to understand how these living situations differ. The type of housing desired depends on the needs of the person. 

Below are some top tips when faced with the choice, but if you want more information on the key differences, this blog post from McKnight has lots of useful info on the difference between assisted living and independent living.

Quality of Living

In an assisted living community, help is available for those who struggle with mobility. Staff are attentive around the clock to ensure the senior citizen is clean and fed well. With assisted living care plans, shopping is done alongside meal preparations to guarantee healthy nutrition. 

Sometimes elderly people are able to go outside and purchase their own groceries. They also don’t struggle to prepare their own meals. If this is the case, then independent living is preferable. Ensure you use a reliable, trustworthy service such as for important information and expertise in social care.

Social Needs

It’s common to feel lonely when you are an older person. Sometimes suffering the loss of a spouse or a close friend results in feeling isolated; location can also be a factor. Assisted care is a simple solution to this issue because it guarantees 24/7 support for seniors. Residents in assisted living are able to call staff whenever they want and have an accessible community on their doorstep.

Those who choose independent living also have access to social opportunities – they can choose to have meal services or attend events within their proximity. 

The Long-Term Plan

If your senior relative is struggling with an illness, it’s important to formulate a suitable, medical care plan.

Those diagnosed with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, or cancer may require assisted living for help with medication. Moreover, assisted living can provide long-term arrangements to meet the needs of anyone struggling with detrimental illness and arrange future housing in nursing homes. With independent living, a long-term plan isn’t required. Furthermore, if you are a caregiver, there is accessible online support here. 

Cost Considerations

When you are choosing between assisted or independent living, you must be mindful of financial facts. Many people worry that selling property is necessary in order to pay for new living arrangements. Assisted living is more expensive; however, it’s commonly covered by insurance plans. To get this cover, you must consult with a medical professional. Independent living is less costly and provides extra freedom; it’s important to note that this type of residence is less likely to be covered by health insurance. You can use a calculator to work out the cost of senior living.

Now, it should be easier to establish which type of housing is preferable. If you have a loved one who decides to move into assisted or independent living, then you need to be mindful of the emotions that come alongside. They may experience grief about the change – make sure to communicate regularly with your relative and always be supportive.

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