Convert div to image using html2canvas and save it using Ajax, PHP.

Sometime you need to convert your entire div to image.

Here i am going to use

1.For example i have HTML like below:

2.Now you have to include jquery and html2canvas.js.

You can also download html2canvas.js.

3.Now add below script to convert your entire div to image.


Full Code


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Gaurav Kumar

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  • Vincent Pieplu


    Ca fonctionne presque parfaitement. Le souci, c’est si la DIV n’est pas complètement visible à l’écran, l’image créée sera coupée, ce qui est très embêtant.

    Comment pourrait on faire ?


  • Vincent Pieplu


    It works almost perfectly. The concern is if the DIV is not completely visible on the screen, the created image will be cut , which is very annoying.

    How could we do?

    Thank you

  • Adnan Afzal

    Thank you. It really helped.

    • Pravakar

      hi can you help me with this codes?

      • Adnan Afzal

        Yes sure. Can you send me screenshot of your error ?

        • Pravakar
          • Pravakar
          • Adnan Afzal

            Have you changed the $imageurl variable according to your site ?

          • Pravakar

            hi I have changed and its working fine but when i put large number of loops than blank image is generated. Can i put some kind of time interval while using large number of loops.

          • Adnan Afzal

            Hi. Where have you added the loop ? Can you share your code.

          • Pravakar

            for (var i=1; i<'’; i++){
            html2canvas([document.getElementById(‘dif’+ i +”)], {
            onrendered: function (canvas) {
            var imagedata = canvas.toDataURL(‘image/png’);
            var imgdata = imagedata.replace(/^, “”);
            //ajax call to save image inside folder
            url: ‘save_image.php’,
            data: {

            type: ‘post’,
            success: function (response) {
            $(‘#image_id img’).attr(‘src’, response);



          • Pravakar

            i value is compared with a php variable comparision. but as the php variable goes beyond 30 it saves blank image

          • Adnan Afzal

            You can create an array in JS and pass it as the first parameter of html2canvas().
            For example,
            /* code */
            var arr = [];
            var divs = document.getElementsByClassName(“.div”);
            for (var a = 0; a < divs.length; a++) {
            html2canvas(arr, {
            onrendered: function(canvas) {

            let me know if you need more help.

          • Adnan Afzal

            And NO, the time interval is not an enough sufficient solution.

          • Pravakar

            i didn’t get it you are using get element by class for all divs but where to specify the particular div whose image is to be captured.

  • Pravakar

    Hi I copied the exact code in my local host but it didn’t worked. I am new so can you help me.

  • Kimelidaniel

    Thank you so much, i spent the entire night trying to find something like this.

  • Ritik Rastogi

    hey i new in php ,
    i want similar type of code.i want to take a snapshot of a specific portion of image and save it into database so can you help me to do the same.

    Ritik Rastogi

    • Hello Ritik,

      This script is for convert your html to image, as you said you want specific portion of image for this i think you need to crop your image or you may try another way.