Best Hair Products for Teens

When I dropped my teenage son at the school gates this morning (this is a rare occasion), I noticed that many children were wearing new hairstyles for the New Year. One boy had elected for a perm on top (??) and many girls seemed to have been gifted straighteners because they had glossy and fashionable locks.

There were still "VSCO" girls wearing their high mats with different coloured curls; will this still be a trend for 2020? I likely shouldn't have been surprised by her interest in her image of having spent most of the holidays with a good friend, whose 15-year-old daughter will not leave the house without makeup and dry herself completely!

With easy access to celebrities and fashion star style via social media, the teenage hair and beauty market is big business.

What are the best investments for an image-responsive to teenagers?

The Mark Hill range at Boots:

Good quality stylists, flat irons and hair dryers that won't cost you the earth! The pink and orange electric hair products will lighten up any arrogance and you can currently get a free Mark Hill holographic travel bag if you buy 2 or more selected Mark 'Pick' N 'Mix hairdressing machines.

The Mark Hill range at Boots:

Dyed hair:

There sound to have been a trend in recent years for teens / young adults to colour their hair, especially the tips with quirky colours, especially the pinks and blues. Although this experiment is far from the worst way too revolutionary after exams, having suffered a whitening disaster in my teenagers (too much `` sun in '' followed by a bath in a chlorinated pool did my hair green!?!), you want to do well.

Our advice at first would be to try something that can be washed, in case you don't like it. The well-known brand, Loreal has a full range of temporary makeup called Colorista available from Boots. From blue to purple to pinks, they even contradict based on existing hair colour for best results and most importantly they wash. Another short-term option is hair chalk.

My daughter is happy with Amazon's Girl Zone hair chalks. If your teenager is feeling heroic and wants something more permanent, we recommend that you consult a professional.

Adult Magazine published an interesting article on the need to bleach hair first for the best effects and a hairstylist can guarantee that limited devastation is done to the hair.

In style, magazine foretells that "shag" will be a trend for 2020! If your teen is impressed by Taylor Swift, you can achieve this look quite easily with a curly wand followed by a light brush. Sure, the awesome and offensive Dyson Air wrap would achieve this look, but if you add too much to the budget then why not take a look at the Lee Stafford-style wand or the excellent but mid-priced Revlon Pro Collection One? Step best hairdryer and volumizer

Dry Shampoo:

If you don't have time to wash your hair every morning but can't face the world with oily strings, dry shampoo is a lifesaver. Batiste is my favourite and is available with different aromas. Make sure to brush it well, otherwise, it will appear to turn grey too early.

Tangle tweezers hair brushes:

One of the most popular brands of children's hair brushes. These brushes are available in different models and for different hair types. Some are small enough to fit in a bag so your teen looks good all day excellent selections available from John Lewis, Amazon, and Boots.