Tips to Choose the Right Industrial Hose


Choosing the right hose for your industrial requirements can be a challenging task. It gets more daunting considering the fact that one wrong choice and you won't be able to fit the hose accurately. No one wants to invest in industrial hose only to discover that it doesn't fit their equipment. So, how can you ensure that you are investing in a reliable and durable industrial oil hose? When it comes to investing in the hose, there are certain factors you must take into consideration before coming up to a decision. For example, what type of fitting you need? Is the material of the hose robust enough to withstand harsh temperatures and chemicals? Which hose fitting suppliers should you opt for? If you are searching for a hose that is sturdy, reliable, and durable; here are some few factors you must consider before picking the industrial hose.

Size of the Hose

The first factor you must consider while buying an oil hose is its length. As it is the industrial hose, it will cover a certain distance between employees, vehicles, and machines. It is important to measure the total distance you want the hose to cover. Additionally, you must check the inside diameter of the hose (depending on the application you will be using it for).

Pressure, Chemical, and Temperature Resistance

Depending on the industry, hoses are designed to resist certain temperature and pressure conditions. As you are searching for industrial hoses, you need to pick the one that withstands high pressure and chemicals. Industrial hoses are used for conveying different materials i.e. liquid, gas, and steam. According to the material passed through the hose, its minimum and maximum temperature is determined. The best thing you can do here is noted all your requirements i.e. the temperature, pressure, and the chemicals that the hose will be exposed to. Considering these details, invest in the fittings that are capable of withstanding the maximum temperature and pressure. You don’t want a hose that easily breaks or leaks when exposed to high pressure or strong chemicals. Hence, it is better to check the PSI and Celsius degrees before selecting a hose.

Material and Application

Where exactly are you planning to use your industrial hose? What material will be passed through the hose? Will you use the hose indoors or outdoors? Will it be used for gas, liquid or steam? These are some questions you must answer before placing the order. Make sure that hoses are designed for multiple applications. Depending on the materials and its use, the type of industrial hose you need may differ. For instance, industrial hoses used for passing the aggressive chemicals and strong acids may completely differ from the ones used in the oil and grease industry.

Choosing a Right Supplier

Once you have figured your requirements, the ultimate step is to select the best industrial hose suppliers. Make sure you conduct online research, check ratings and reviews go through their portfolio and experience.