YouTube Video Optimization Guide Step By Step

We have shared the tips for YouTube Channel Optimization. Being technical in this field we analyzed various famous personalities YouTube Channels and YouTube App using in Mobile and Creator Studio in the Desktop version. The below tips will also help you to understand how to make your video appear first on YouTube. You can rank YouTube videos on the first page of Google by using our Tips.

#1: The First tip for YouTube Video Optimization:

is that we need to create a creative video that we are going to upload on our channel.

With the creative, we mean proper animations and the proper content focused. As per our category that already on our channel or for a new channel as well.

#2: Focusing on Title and Thumbnail

For Title: We need to add the compelling Title with the keywords. Generally, the length of the YouTube Video Title is 70 characters.

Tip: For the Title never use always related Words that is the video all about. Do not ever use the misleading title.

For Thumbnail: Always create a catchy thumbnail that is relevant as well as attractive to the users. But keep the thing in mind that the thumbnail title should be taken care of complete relevancy.

#3: Rules For Optimization Your Channel: 

The main thing in YouTube optimization is that you have to optimize your channel with filling all the information like Logo, Channel Art (Recommended Size 2560 x 1440 px Image), Short intro video for viewers that your new channel or category or video is coming,

Fill out the about section with proper description about your channel, Add Facebook, Twitter, Website URL if you have, Asking viewers to subscribe your channel, use the proper way of YouTube creator studio, Add tags, Again make proper use of Playlists, channels, etc. Give a full description about your video that you are going to show to visitors.

The other main factor that is needed to be considered is the Featured Video section. this is for the next video to include in the currently running video. You can add it like End of the video or you can decide when to show with the options provided by the YouTube creator studio App.

#4: Series of Playlist: 

You can start the series on your channel like for every week your video will be premiered on Saturday at 8 PM. Something like that. It is like telecasting your content like a TV, This will give you permanent users who liked your channel or like your content.

Note: read guidelines for How To Submit A Guest Post on Developergang.

#5: Analyzing Your Channel:

The main problem I have analyzed for every YouTuber is that they do not analyze their channel after adding the videos. This means your posted video is performing well on YouTube or not. YouTube Reach tab in Analytics gives you the option to check your video visibility, Traffic sources, Impressions, Top-performing videos, Average duration time. 

#6: Interest-Based Content:

You need to focus on this point. Because while understanding the interest-based targeting you can understand what people wanted to see. It is all about the Niche or Category of your channel.

You can do it at the starting of your channel that how many users are watching the Fun videos, Inspirational videos, Health, Fitness, Sports related, Serials, Cartoons, etc. There are many categories under which we have to see which is more popular and can get more and more users.  

By reading the above tips you may understand how to optimize YouTube Channel All the tips we have shared are for YouTube channel creation and the Optimization of your current channel. You can use more extensions available online. But these tips help you in ranking your videos on YouTube search or Google search.