9 Brilliant Ways to Create Engaging Social Media Videos

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You can’t deny it: As a business, you probably have social media profiles. But when was the last time you updated them?  What kind of content do they feature? Are they just stale and uninspiring — or even empty?

 If your answer is “I never touch ’em,” then we’re here to help you keep up with this fast-changing digital world of ours by teaching you how to create engaging social media videos for every one of your accounts. Whether you run a local sandwich shop or a major accounting firm, video marketing can work wonders on your business.

The best kind of videos — social media videos — are short, sweet and to the point, featuring you and your business in a way that’s approachable and appealing to the broadest possible audience.

Creating engaging content is not always easy, but it’s a breeze with these tips and tricks. Here we’ve gathered our favorite ways to create social media videos that grab attention: 

1. Spark up their curiosity.

People love to be in the know, so give them something to sink their teeth into. If it’s a tasty morsel of information, they’ll come back for more. You can do this by being clever with your video titles and descriptions.

For example, maybe you’re running a sale on some new inventory? Then use words like “exclusive,” “now,” or even “today only” to drive clicks. Think about how movie trailers are crafted, then apply that same idea to your Facebook posts or Twitter videos.

According to the information gap theory, curiosity can be increased by leaving some answers unanswered. That’s why providing only the information that creates interest but not enough to satisfy it is a great way to build engagement.

2. Hook your audience

People are most likely to watch videos for 3-5 seconds and then click away, so you must capture their attention in those first few moments.

Use an attention-grabbing image or a short video clip in the first few seconds of your post, and make it appealing to the senses with music, colors, and words.

Be sure not to go overboard on text in this initial preview, though — people tend to scan posts in their feed, so keep them moving along by using a combination of scrolling text and a still image.

Think about what you’re going for when deciding how long your video will be: If you’re trying to get them interested in learning more about your business or signing up for something, then shoot for 60-90 seconds. This gives you enough time to tell a story that illustrates just how awesome you are at doing whatever it is you do best.

3. Make it visual.

People remember only 10 percent of what they hear, but they retain 80 percent of what they see. So it’s safe to say that visuals are potent tools when it comes to engaging your audience.

Visual storytelling is the best way to grab someone’s attention and draw them closer to your brand. Not all of us are born actors, but here are a few tips that should help improve your on-camera presence:

Be yourself! Videos that resemble a public service announcement might be informative, but they will never go viral. Try to inject some personality into your video by being playful or even silly — don’t go over the top with it! 

Don’t try too hard or force an unnatural smile— let genuine enthusiasm shine through instead. If you have trouble feeling confident in front of the camera, imagine you’re talking directly to one person who needs what you do.

4. Use storytelling for your social media videos.

Weave multiple videos together to tell a brand story excitingly, or make a series of videos that explains your business from start to finish. People love stories— concise ones — so they’ll be more likely to respond when they’re told something in a fun and visual way.

5. Inspire your audience

Videos that make people laugh or cry are bound to be shared because they create a real emotional connection between your brand and your consumer. One way you can do this is by showing them how their lives might be better in some way.

For example, if you sell coffee, include shots of enjoying the perfect cup with family or friends or remind them of all the things they can accomplish with an extra caffeine boost. By focusing on lifestyle videos rather than direct advertising, you’ll find it much easier for people to relate to your brand.

6. Make it credible

It’s essential to back up your claims with reliable information if you want people to take your video seriously. So before posting, have someone other than yourself or an employee look it over to be safe.

You should check the text formatting, ensure all of your links are working correctly, and lead where they’re supposed to.

7. Make it more creative, more often.

Try to post a new video at least once a week, but aim for two or three times if you can. The more videos you have out there, the higher your chances are of going viral and reaching a wider audience.

Also, be sure to experiment with different styles and lengths and other platforms — people respond differently depending on where they see your content, so consider posting shorter versions of them on Instagram, for example.

Do you want people to share your video? Make it easy! Add hashtags in the main body of your text and the description so other users can search for them and possibly discover your video through related topics.

8. Make a script.

A script with a well-crafted story and an aligned one can keep your audience for longer. It will help you to create a more professional and clear message.

Writing the script is just half of the process, though — it’s also important to rehearse your lines enough so that you’re comfortable being in front of the camera. If possible, shoot a test video or a few clips for yourself before shooting a final version with the whole crew involved.

Additionally, try to be as concise as possible without sacrificing any of the most important information— this is one reason why scripting things out beforehand is helpful! If there’s anything your audience needs to know, such as an address or phone number, write those things down as well.

A-Pro tip: Look up for experts’ suggested methods as a step-by-step guide of shooting social media videos like a pro. 

9. Add captions and subtitles.

There are online tools that let you add subtitles and translations for 100+ languages. The benefits of adding subtitles and translations are all centered on giving people better accessibility so they can fully get into your videos while also helping brands generate new leads through increased engagement rates with their target audience.

Closing thoughts:

The unique social media videos that speak out for your brand and outreach matter the most. Your potential customers are looking for platforms that have the most trending video formats. So you need to be aware of all these factors if you want your social media videos’ reach to grow through online interactions with your target markets.

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