Tree Removal Faqs


What is Tree Removal?

It refers to the cutting down of trees or removing 50% or more portions of the trunk, crown, or root system. It also includes damaging a tree to cause a gradual decline to it. 

Why is Tree Removal Done?

It is done for various reasons, including obstruction to construction, if the tree is dying, if it is damaging neighboring structures, etc. Residents of North Shore, Sydney cite the issue of safety as a significant reason for the removal of trees in the area. There are other reasons as well for tree removal in North Shore, Sydney. During or after natural calamities like storms and cyclones, the damage posed by trees is a threat to the safety of houses and families. One can remove fallen trees by such services to prevent any further damage.

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What does Tree Removal entail?

    It includes but is not limited to:

  • Topping: As the name suggests, it includes removing the entire top of the tree, leaving stumps and a few branches that do not have growth. The process can be either partial or whole removal.
  • Poisoning: If it is hard to remove stumps because they are close to structures or if they are near utilities, they are sprayed with a concoction of chemicals to prevent any further growth. 
  • Clear Felling: It involves complete felling of trees, employing cranes, rigs, or other equipment 
  • Stump Grinding: After cutting a tree, the remaining stump is ground, utilising a grinder, which grinds it into mulch and redistributes it in the ground. 
  • Land clearing: It involves tree removal over a large expanse of land for development projects and other reasons. 

How long will it take?

It usually takes only a couple of hours, depending on the size. Arborists and other experts assess the conditions and carry out these services accordingly. The size of the tree and the location also affect the process of removal. Smaller trees take only up to an hour. Large trees require preparation and additional tools that take up some time. 

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on the factors of: 

  1. Size of the Tree: including its diameter and height
  2. Location: how close to structures it is, and 
  3. Difficulty: in removing it. 

Tree removal services offer consulting services to get a quote on the fee for the removal and considers all factors. 

Is it safe?

North Shore, Sydney frequently has residents removing trees preventing any damage to both the people and property. It is entirely safe to opt for tree removal in North Shore, Sydney when done by an experienced contractor. 

If a tree is near power lines or other structures, then other safe methods include scaling the tree and removing the branches individually. They are secured with ropes to prevent any damage. 

A qualified tree removal service will ensure they take all safety precautions and have all the necessary equipment. For a typical removal procedure, the arborists cut down the tree to the stumps. The branches are cut up into smaller pieces for firewood or used according to the client's wishes. If there is space surrounding the tree, then it is cut down in one piece. Once felled, it is cut into smaller pieces and transported. 


One has to ensure the tree is exempt from restrictions against removal as there are a few protected species under Australian regulations. Rely upon experienced and equipped experts for such services, preferably a tree removal service that does all kinds of tree care. One also has to choose the type of removal they require and assess the results of it. 

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