5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Push Notifications



Marketing stands on a few pillars, without which it is a gone case. One of the recent pillars added to increase marketing level is flutter push notifications. Now, the questions like how is that possible? Or, why is that so?

In this article, we will be discussing why push notifications cannot be counted-out when you are planning on starting an online business consisting of a business app or website. Push notifications have become a real deal in the marketing world today.

Reasons to add push notifications to the bucket list of your ecommerce business

1. Instant visibility results to quick results!

Both push notifications and email messages are delivered instantly. However, a push notification appears on the user’s phone screen, whereas emails that require signing in can delay the user’s visibility on the website or app. This feature of instant appearance on the mobile screen gives push notifications a bonus point in the game.

2. Email logins are so old school!

Once you implement push notification services for your app, you will receive information from the downloaded app on users’ devices. That’s when you can request users to opt-in for push notification delivery. Once the user opts in for receiving the pop-up messages, send them push notifications with recent offers, reminders related to cart abandonment, and anything that solves your purpose and at the same time fulfills users’ expectations from your services.

You do not need to beg users for their email ids anymore when you have a push notification to reach out to your users.

3. Phone Numbers have lost their touch!

Do you remember when you had to wait for the users to send their numbers to which the users were reluctant to provide for security purposes? Those were the gone days now. 

When a user downloads your app, you will come to know, and you can send them a push notification welcoming them on the app, guiding them, and offering them services. You do not require their phone numbers anymore. Let them download your app and leave the responsibility to push notifications for user engagement and website traffic performance.

4. Personalization can be hypnotic!

Push notifications can be a game-changer when played well on the board. SMS has a limitation of 160 characters that prevents companies from getting creative and a little playful to generate interest among the users. Push notification again wins the race as they have no such boundaries. IOS permits you to show your creative side as you can add a custom sound to the pop-up messages creating certain entertainment factors to the push notifications. Android allows you to use images in your push notifications, making it possible to communicate with your users in a direct but fun tone. Such customization develops interest among the users that further pulls them towards your app or website.

5. Could it get any better?

SMS will cost you more as it needs a dedicated telephone network that delivers its messages to the users, whereas push notifications use the cheap, shared resources of the internet. SMS will add cost for you and the receiver since he gets charged for incoming SMS as you get.

Push notifications do not charge any additional cost from either users, or senders and are a cheaper option for the company delivering messages globally.

Push notifications are not all roses and butterflies!

There is no doubt that push notifications have won hearts with their performance. However, everything comes with a cost, especially when not taken care of. I think you have got an idea where I am going with this?

  • Discard the time zones! 

While you are dealing with customers globally, it is your responsibility to consider different time zones before hitting push. Usually, companies fail to understand this simple concept, leading them to be abandoned by the user completely.

  • Selling sweaters during hot summer weather!

 If a user is not tapping on the push notification, it clearly states that he is not interested in the content or whatever you are offering. Do not send push notifications without understanding the user’s interests. You are just wasting your time and efforts. There are chances that users will find your push notifications monotonous and unnecessary and opt-out of the push notification services. Personalize the pop-up messages based on users’ expectations from your brand.

  • Ringing the doorbell again and again!

They heard you the first time. Yes, they did! You need to make it a point that users should not be sent more than one push notification in a day and not more than five pop-ups in a week. Companies believe that the more they will show their visibility, the better will be the profits. But it is not true! Sending too much push notification can lead users to opt-out of the services or even abandon your app for good.

Things to remember!Flutter push notifications have a long way to go in the marketing race, and this article proves that. But at the same, it can cause you to fall on the ground if not handled properly. Sow the seeds but do not water them every other hour otherwise, they will not grow and may drown to death.

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