Why professional JavaScript developers will always be in high demand



JavaScript is the most in-demand skill in the IT industry and one cannot talk about software development without mentioning it. So if you want to become a web developer and search for someone with knowledge of Javascript, you can take tips from the online community Themaddev and learn what can be built using this programming language.

JavaScript developers are on the rise in every trade, so it’s no wonder that this programming language is achieving fame amongst developers looking to shift their careers or expand their skillset. It is no longer a side language, it has become the main area of expertise. 

Companies will require a skilled JavaScript developer to support and maintain several lines of code that run the core software. 

If you are looking to become a JavaScript developer and would like to grow your skills, building projects is one way to start. But, before we see why JavaScript developers are in such high demand, let’s start with where it all began, where we are now, and what’s the future looking like.

The History of JavaScript

Brendan Eich, a Netscape programmer developed a scripting language in September 1995 in just 10 days. It was initially named Mocha but soon came to be known as LiveScript and, today, JavaScript.

Listed as one of the three core languages used to build websites, JavaScript allows developers to add functionality and behavior to the website. While CSS and HTML render a structure and style to the website, JavaScript enables users to interact with it in multiple ways.

Founded out of need, this programming language is used to build 1.52 billion websites across the internet i.e., almost 95.2%. These also include websites like YouTube and Facebook.

JavaScript is originally a client-side language, indicating runs on the machine within the browser. However, the most recent introduction of Node.js has allowed JavaScript to execute code on servers as well. 

Since its release, JavaScript has exceeded Flash, Java, and other languages as it is comparatively easy to learn, has an open and free community, and, most importantly, is incredibly beneficial, allowing developers to build apps quickly.

The current state of JavaScript

While the basic use of JavaScript might still be for frontend development, it is used for much more applications. There are endless uses of JavaScript and here are a few:

1. API Integrations

Fetching data from other sources and displaying it on a website has now become easy. One notion that is more advanced than ever in web development is modularity—using different tools to perform particular tasks. Well, it’s now simple to develop these kinds of stacks thanks to JavaScript and APIs. 

2. Mobile Applications

Earlier, in order to develop exceptional mobile applications, developers needed knowledge of other programming languages like Java for Android and Objective- C for iOS. It is much easier to connect APIs using JavaScript now. This has opened doors for developers who no longer need to learn a new programming language to develop mobile applications. 

Not just this, the use of JavaScript for building mobile apps has also opened up new possibilities to make them more performant. For example, Progressive Web Applications combine the best of web and mobile applications for improved performance, engagement, and reliability with additional features such as offline navigation. 

3. Server-side code

There were several failed attempts to make JavaScript run server-side from the very start. Many believed it would just never become a steady backend language, until the introduction of Node.js. 

Today, this JS runtime is a common tool to command web servers i.e., developers can now use Node.js to write both server-side and client-side code without having to rely on external web servers. 

The future of JavaScript

The future is unpredictable and mysterious. However, these very characteristics of the future motivate people to try to predict it, let it be in the case of human life or technology. Coming to technology, programming languages have become a crucial part of it in the 21st century.
According to the Developer Survey of 2020 by StackOverflow, JavaScript is in the top position of Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages for the 8th time in a row.

The future of JavaScript

It is the most famous and fastest-growing programming language and is the main powerhouse behind the swiftly emerging internet. Since JavaScript is ever-evolving, so is its ecosystem. Many frameworks like React and Vue.js are taking the edge. 

Moreover, JavaScript is omnipresent. It is now used for adding interactive behavior to web pages, game development, building web servers and server applications, and of course web and mobile applications. 

In conclusion

The future holds many great opportunities in terms of tech and JavaScript is definitely going to be a part of it. Over the years, it has gained its superiority due to the potential of its basic functions and its unmatched adaptability. Without JavaScript, the web wouldn’t be the same as it is today. 

Whether you’re intending on being a front-end or back-end developer eventually, there’s no doubt that JavaScript is the top skill to learn.

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