Stay Clutter-Free: Learn How To Organize Your Mac Better With These Tips



Is your Mac running slower than usual? Does your system feel sluggish and hits regular snags? Or are you simply tired of looking at a messy desktop that is in desperate need for a clean up? Now is the time to declutter your system back to its original speed and performance. Our 6 best tips are here to help you start and finish efficiently, read on to know more!

  1. Organize Your Desktop: Looking at a full and messy desktop littered with multiple images, folders and media can be a frustrating start to the day that triggers many. Get into the groove by cleaning your desktop by arranging singular files into designated  folders with labels to help you find them later. Delete anything you don’t need. 
  1. Recycle Bin: Empty the recycle bin regularly and don’t use it to store your files; your Mac will thank you with more speed and efficiency.
  1. Group Folders: The most beneficial piece of advice to keep an organized Mac is to neatly stack your folders into similar group folders. Sort your personal and work life files into two different groups so that files are kept separate and free from mix ups.
  1. Declutter Your Virtual Media: There is a high probability of having multiple copies and duplicates of the same files on your Mac due to one reason or the other, especially on iTunes. It is easy to get rid of these duplicates by detecting duplicates and keeping only the desired version, be it the original or latest.
  1. Back-up Files to iCloud: Stay clear of losing out on important documents due to internal memory errors and outages. Owning electronics can be unpredictable at times, and your Mac comes equipped with your connection to iCloud for the same purpose. Schedule a routine back-up of all files on the cloud so you can free up disk space on your computer too.
  1. Run Disk Utilities Regularly: Keep a track of your Mac’s storage health by running disk utility regularly to check up on the system. As a rule of thumb you should have at least 10 percent of your total hard disk space left empty for the system to function well. The more clutter you accumulate, the more sluggish your Mac gets.

It can get frustrating very quickly if you have heaps of cluttered files all over your desktop and inner folders to clean out. The best advice we can give as your final step is that once you finish decluttering your Mac and organize it to your liking, you make an effort everyday to keep it that way. This is a great habit to develop in leading a disciplined life and saving yourself the pain of sorting through heaps of unwanted files later. Everyday, pay attention to your folders to delete and declutter files not in need. If you’ve started staying organized, it’s better to continue the ritual rather than come back to a messy computer later.

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