How Revive Concierge uses technology to supercharge your home buying/selling experience


There are many homeowners who are selling their homes for less than they deserve, leaving money on the table for the next owner. Revive leverages multiple pieces of technology throughout our process to provide our customers with transparency about your renovation, fast underwriting process, and the ability to get started quickly. Ultimately, leading to a turn-key home that attracts more buyers, spends less time on the market, and without leaving money on the table. 

If you have ever renovated your home, you’ll understand that there are so many moving parts. In a typical home renovation you’ll work with electricians, HVAC specialists, painters, landscapers, plumbers, and many others. Not to mention having multiple projects going on at once like renovating the bedrooms, updating the kitchen appliances, replacing the floors, changing out light fixtures, and any other home improvement. Revive has built a platform that makes the renovation process simple, streamlined, and provides clarity that will make you feel at ease during the construction phase.

At Revive, when a homeowner or realtor is ready, they head to our intake funnel, and enter the address of the home they would like to buy or sell. In near real-time the home information will be pushed into our customer relationship manager (CRM) HubSpot. With a few other friendly integrations like PandaDoc in combination with our custom built React application and API server, customers can quickly move forward by uploading photos, entering local comps, and requesting all necessary underwriting documents to sign digitally. Every interaction is tracked in HubSpot and passes the data to the correct services. 

When it comes to handling signed documents, progress photos of a current renovation, and anything in-between, Revive leverages Dropbox as our file manager. Our direct custom integration allows us to make fewer requests to the API, remove the need to transfer the files to our backend server, and allows our customers to quickly share or download files within our ecosystem without having to authorize. This integration allows us to leverage Dropbox security measures while being able to scale to any size Dropbox will allow. Internally, we can quickly share folders with other team members that need access, saving us time and quickly moving you forward in the process. 

Revive has built a Slack culture and believe me when I say we use it for everything. Our entire organization revolves around the notifications Slack provides during the customer journey. We know when documents are signed, photos are uploaded, when the service provider sends us an update about a renovation using our service provider portal, and much more. We are proactive in getting the right information to and from our customers. This allows us to provide all our customers with transparency about where you are in the process and the ability to provide the most up to date information. In other words, we love Slack and integrate the majority of our tools with the service. 

Our React application and node API server is filled with features that streamline processes for all our customers nationwide. Two of my favorite features are the property dashboard and the service provider portal. The property dashboard provides our customers with an easy to use page that is frequently updated as your home goes through one of Revive’s programs. I love it because our customers have a centralized location to go to for updates, get in contact with your project manager, and to quickly find out where you are along the process. The service provider portal was created to manage and view all their current renovations in one place. Our unique system allows any service provider to easily communicate with Revive but also for our team to quickly communicate important information such as change orders, any issues that may come up, project scope, and etc. Both of these features leverage our  integrations with HubSpot, Slack, and Dropbox. 

Revive Concierge has always been and will continue to be  technology focused to bring our customers a better experience when it comes to buying or selling their home. Our platform and integrations provide our customers with a simple streamlined solution that prepares your home for the market without leaving money on the table. If you happen to be in the market for a new home to purchase or sell, try Revive and experience it for yourself.

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