5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Australia


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Australia is a big country with a lot to see and do, but what is the best way to see Australia and get the most out of your trip? Here are some places and events that you need to know about to decide if they are for you when you traverse the Land Down Under.

1. Check out a festival

There are so many festivals in Australia, at almost every time of year, that you are spoiled for choice. It doesn’t matter what you are into, there will be something for you. Music festivals? Check out one of the 400 events that occur throughout the year. Arts festival? The Sydney Festival in January might be the thing for you. Food and Wine? Victoria holds a multitude of gourmet celebrations throughout the year.

2. Attend a sporting event

The world is your oyster when it comes to sporting events in Australia. Massive events such as Formula 1 and the AFL Grand Final are hosted in Melbourne alone, which is part of why the state’s capital is known as ‘Australia’s home of sport’. If you get to Melbourne in January, you can catch a tennis match at the Australian Open at Melbourne Park or perhaps go to see the Boxing Day cricket test match at the MCG in December. New South Wales is big on rugby so if you are into that, you can catch one of the thrilling matches in Sydney at the ANZ Stadium.

3. Spend a day at the horse races

Horse racing is a big deal in Australia, with one of the biggest and most prestigious horse races in the world being the Melbourne Cup. However, there are plenty of other races to attend around the country that include the Railway Stakes in Perth and the ATC Autumn Championships event in Sydney. If you have an Australian Derby bet to place, then this is the time for you. Any race is good fun so no matter where you are in Australia it is worth going to a local race, if you are so inclined, to enjoy a day out.

4. Go to the beach

Most of the Australian population is located on or near the coast, so beach life is big in Australia, especially in the consistently warmer states such as Queensland and the Northern Territory. With well-known places such as Bondi Beach in Sydney and Surfers Paradise in Queensland, the world-famous beaches attract millions of people each year. Victoria is less well known for its beaches but when summertime comes around, people love to get down to places such as St Kilda Beach or the Mornington Peninsula. Phillip Island is also a popular venue where you can even see some little fairy penguins. 

5. Appreciate the Climate

One of the main draws of Australia is the climate. The country is so big that it makes the weather diverse enough that you can choose where in Australia to go based on your preferences. If you prefer a tropical climate, then head on up to Cairns or Rockhampton in Queensland or Darwin in the Northern Territory. If you prefer a milder climate, then Melbourne or Adelaide are the cities for you, but be warned the summer can still be quite hot, even in the southern states.

Make the most of your trip to Australia and enjoy some of the things that Australians are born to love. Do your research and get packing, Australia has so much to offer!