Explanation of Li-fi Technology



LiFi is a wireless technology that holds the key to working challenges faced by 5G. LiFi is used to transmit at multiple gigabits, is much dependable, nearly obstacle-free and uniquely more secure than radio technology similar to Wi-Fi or cellular.

What’s Li-Fi?

LiFi is a cellular wireless technology that uses light instead of radio frequency to transmit data. The innovation or Li-fi innovation is held by a worldwide environment of firms used to drive the surrender of LiFi, the coming age of remote control that is prepared for faultless integration into the 5G core.

How does Li-Fi work?

Li-Fi is made up of a host of light-emitting diodes and it is an abbreviation of LED light bulbs that form a wireless network. This technology causes LEDs to emit unnoticeable beats of light that enable data to travel to and from receivers. Receivers collect and interpret the transmitted data in a analogous way to decrypting Morse Code but at a far brisk pace. Li-Fi has transmission speeds of over 100 Gbps (which is 14 times faster than WiGig).

Benefits of LiFi

The Benefits Are

  • Enhanced wireless architectures by furnishing an fresh subcaste of small cells (‘attocells’);
  • The avoidance of the radio frequency diapason crunch ( times further capacity).
  • Enabling veritably high peak data rates (10 Gbps)
  • The enabling of the Internet-of- Effects (100 times further bias)
  • Significantly increased secure wireless communication 
  • Improved energy-viability by consolidating information correspondence and enlightenment (multiple times energy decrease)
  • Complete elimination of health enterprises

Full Working 

A normal off-the-shelf LED bulb is connected to a device, which in turn is connected to the Internet. The Internet data flows in via the device into the bulb and is carried by light swells.

At the other end, light swells carrying the Internet data fall on a receiver or a dongle that’s connected to the computer.


  • Li-Fi would be delicate to operate in harsh rainfall conditions or harsh lighting conditions.
  • LiFi requires technical LEDs to work faultlessly.
  • Might Not Work During Night
  • Requires Fresh Bias

Cost of LiFi

Getting LiFi products from different LiFi companies can be veritably precious for consumers. As per unique LiFi, they’re by and by running after scaling down LiFi innovation just as making it reasonable for shoppers over the long haul. Eventually, the end thing is to have LiFi in every mobile device. This does mean that the technology will be used for integration into handsets, tablets, and laptops.

In, the end customer will see very minimum or no cost associated with LiFi as the thing is to have LiFi embedded in every wireless mobile device. These days organisations can show pure LiFi about working with us on proof of inception systems and all other types of installations. These installations are priced based on individual conditions. PureLiFi only offers B2B services.

Speed Test 

Speed Test Check your internet speed in under the 40s. This speed test can measure pets on a range of broadband connection types, including ADSL broadband, string/fibre-optical broadband, and mobile broadband.

Please be apprehensive that the speed test results only represent a shot of your broadband connection at the time of testing. They shouldn’t be seen as a conclusive measure of your broadband connection’s general performance.

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