Using Essential Oils for Boosting the Immune System



We all know how popular essential oils are today. One of the reasons why they’re well-received is because they’re great partners for Aromatherapy. This is supported by a study saying that Aromatherapy is a beneficial and therapeutic method of using essential oils, which are derived from trees, herbs, or flowers for enhancing a person’s physical, emotional, and even spiritual wellbeing (1).   

Because these oils are now considered great complementary therapies when paired with mainstream treatments and medicines (2), it’s not surprising that such oils are now also used for boosting the immune system, not only just for adults for kids too.

As stated in an interview made by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, these oils have true benefits to children but must be used responsibly as improper use comes with serious risks (3). Thus, if you’re planning an immune boost for your whole family, it’s important that you pick the oils that are safe for children. To give you an idea on what to shop, below is an essential oil guide and a list of essential oils to boost immune system that is not only effective but safe as well:

Importance of Boosting your Immune Systems and that of your Kids

Before giving you a list of the best essential oils for boosting the immune system, it’s important that you note of how essential the immune system is. While there is already what we call Immunization – a safe and required procedure to let children be immunized against mumps, measles, viruses, and the like (4), adopting complementary ways to strengthen the immune system is still encouraged, especially on children.

Having a strong immune system means that you’re healthier and less likely to get sick such as having colds, flu, and the like. This is especially good for your children as they are younger and are more susceptible to viruses, germs, and the like.

When you and your family members are healthy, you’ll have reduced negative cognitions, emotions, and behaviors (5), thus boosting your overall wellbeing. As an effective complementary immune-boosting method, oils are indeed great options for you. However, you need to get them from a reputable manufacturer.

If its approaching the flu season, I always have my list of essential oils handy for the flu and cold. Being a mum, it is important to act fast as it’s not at all fun to be down with the nasty flu bug.

Specific List Essential Oils to Boost Immune System

Different manufacturers have their own single or blended oils. However, these are some of the most popular products in the market.

  • Lavender – this flexible oil has a lot of benefits. Aside from improving your immunity, you can also enhance your sleep routine as this a great relaxing agent. Plus, it relieves nose clogging, muscle tension, joint pain, stress, anxiety, and disinfects the environment from harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • Lemon – this oil has a lovely citrusy, fresh, and clean aroma to it. It’s one of the most fragrant smells in the world of oils. Because of its refreshing scent, your mood and wellbeing are lifted, thus improving your immunity further.
  • Peppermint – this cool and minty oil has a sharp but relaxing smell. When diluted well, this oil will provide a hot yet soothing feel to the skin when applied topically. As it has soothing properties, muscle pain and tightness is reduced, eventually boosting your overall wellness.
  • Tea Tree – this herby and fresh oil is pleasant to the skin because of its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antiviral element. This also makes it an excellent addition to any cleaning DIY blends.

Special Kids Blends to Boost Immunity

The suggested oils above are equally effective for children. However, do follow the dilution rates needed. Other oils that are particularly great for children are:

  • Young Living Thieves Oil – lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus blend
  • GeneYus Essential Oil – peppermint, tangerine, and spearmint blend
  • Joy Essential Oil – lemon, palmarosa, and bergamot blend

These are blends amazing for the immune system, especially when your children are outside exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses and when the flu or cold season is coming (6). I have personally used products from manufacturers such as Young Living, DoTerra and Rocky Mountain Oils.

How to Use These Essential Oils Safely and Effectively?

Use of essential oils on kids needs to be done with care and supervision. Not all oils are meant to be used with children, and you should always read the label carefully to find out if the oil is safe to be applied to children.

As a general rule, you should not use oils that are undiluted, especially directly on the skin (7). Here is a great article on how to use essential oils safely on children.

  • Buy quality oils by checking the authenticity of the seller. Luckily, there are trusted sites like Rocky mountain. Make sure to only get 100% natural and pure oils.
  • Follow the dilution rates for each oil.
  • Don’t apply oils anywhere. The safe spots are your arms, legs, neck, temples, forehead, wrist, and feet.


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