Top Ranked 5 Digital Marketing Training Company in Mohali and Chandigarh


Mohali and Chandigarh is a progressive city and is becoming an IT core in the coming few years. People living in Mohali are getting more educated and are learning about new techniques related to online marketing. There are many software/apps companies based at Mohali which provide the best services & training in Digital marketing.

 Online marketing is a growing trend as well as in IT and other products and services companies also.

It is an upgraded name of Internet Marketing. Here we will discuss the top 5 Digital Marketing companies in Mohali and Chandigarh.

Digital Marketing methods and techniques are capturing space of itself space in almost every industry.

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products, services or brands of a company through the Internet Channel. The world of digital marketing revolves around the internet.

An internet marketing company performs many functions such as website design, web development, Graphic Designing, content optimization, online branding, Software &app development, SMM (Social Media Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and many more.

10 Best Tools for Digital Marketing

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1. C-DAC Mohali

C-DAC Mohali is an Information Technology Company and they guided many companies to have an organized approach towards digital marketing services.

C-DAC Mohali provides highly professional & budgeted digital marketing services that are tailor-made to transform your business from a local entity to a globally known brand.

Services Delivered: Digital Marketing Services, Website Designing, Website Development, S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing/PPC, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Web Analytics, Content Marketing

Brief History: They have started their operations in 2010 as a team of freelancers and very soon they become a known name among international clients.


2. Chhabra Solutions

Chhabra Solutions is the 2nd best digital marketing Company in Mohali and Chandigarh. If you’re searching for unwavering digital marketing services in Mohali, then Chhabra Solutions is the perfect answer to your requirements.

They aspire for a never-ending bond with top-end digital marketing services in Mohali as rated preferred by numbers of the business houses.

Services Delivered: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Corporate Identity, Google Ads, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Development, YouTube Video Marketing, Graphics Designing, Logo Design, E-commerce SEO, Google My Business Optimization, Keywords Research, SEO Tools, Facebook Marketing (ADS), Google Analytics, All Google and Bing Certifications, One on One Personal Training Available, Website Design, Website Development, Google Tag Manager in Advance, Content Management System, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, and Freelancer.


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Entered into Digital Market in 2019 only but earned a lot of goodwill among the medium class business houses.

In only a few months Ions Solutions becomes a prestigious digital marketing company in Tricity.

They are having a highly qualified and rich-experienced skilled digital marketer team supported by a fresh-minded team of Web designers, web developers, SEO specialist team, Content Management System developers, and graphic designers.

Their training procedures and modules are backed by practice on live projects and as their tagline “Think virtually, we make IT absolute” they provide unique and technical expertise to your ideas.

Services Delivered: Web Design & Development, Graphic Designing Photoshop, Corel Draw, Data Science, and AI, UI and UX Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC Services, Content Marketing, Email Marketing


4. Mohali School of Digital Marketing:

Mohali School of Digital Marketing is ranked 4th in my list, they aim to build their business towards more visibility and help to achieve the results you never thought upon. They are among the best digital marketing agency that deals with all the projects with the utmost attention and prefer to build long term Contacts with their clients.

Their unique selling point is to propose and implement the best techniques and believe in fulfilling the promises they make and given timelines.

If you are in search of quality work and 100% customer satisfaction then Mohali School of Digital Marketing is the perfect choice for you.

Services Delivered: Digital Marketing Service, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing, Web Development, Analytics, Banner Creation, Graphic Designing, Logo Creation, Lead Generation, Content Writing, E-commerce solutions, Google AdWords.


5. ThinkNEXT Technologies

Last but not least on the list is ThinkNEXT Technologies.

The is into App & Software design development for the last five years but since last year the company has shown steep growth in Digital marketing operations.

Under the guidance of their Visionary CEO Company single-handedly done wonders in the digital marketing client acquisitions. ThinkNEXT Technologies offer the most effective 360-degree Internet marketing strategies and Best Practice approach enabling your brand and businesses to reach the optimum.

Services Delivered: Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising Through Google & Social Media Platforms, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, YouTube Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Cyber Security and Many More.



Digital Marketing companies are growing a great pace all over India and gaining high attention. The use of the latest internet marketing techniques in every small or big business is providing huge success to business owners. So I hope this article will help you in the selection of the best Digital marketing agency for your company. So, if you want to develop a significant website or Looking for online marketing for your products and services, then you should connect with any of the above mentioned online marketing companies.

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