The correlation between a sticky menu and branding

When you are starting your business and decide to think of all the ways to help you do all the things needed for success, it is crucial to do everything in your power to be the best on the market. One of the most important steps in creating a good brand and taking care of the whole “branding” thing. 

Branding is, by definition, a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. It is of crucial importance because it helps you distinguish your product from all the other products out there.

Your branding will make customers remember you quickly, and that is a way to go when you want to improve your business. Many elements can help you develop a brand, and they all work together to show an accurate representation of yourself and your work and help you figure out the way you want your customers to see and perceive you. With the proper branding, you can make your product easily recognizable and gain your clients’ trust. 

Among all the steps you need to do to boost your work, you will surely want to create a functional website. So, when you want to make your website, it is essential to take care of the content and the view your visitors get. Once they enter your page, your duty is to ensure they will stay for a bit and explore your work, and potentially, become your customers. 

When creating a website, you want to consider adding some sticky elements to your page, which have the potential in contributing to your product’s branding and ease the navigation for your visitors.

Sticky elements are those elements that “follow you around” while scrolling down a website, with a purpose of always having important buttons within clicking range. They provide the viewers with easy navigation through the website. Any element of the website can be sticky, and adding them can be helpful in several ways. It is not just that they are useful for navigation, but they also improve your web page's whole design.

They are extremely handy on those sites that require a lot of scrolling since the viewer will not have to scroll all the way to the top of the page to access the menu, sidebar, social media buttons, or something similar which you want to include.

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You also get the chance to highlight your logo, coupons, discounts, and so many more things you want your visitors to notice. Since your logo can stay in your visitors’ viewpoint the whole time when you set it up as a sticky element, your brand will be much easier to remember.

So, to give your branding an improvement, you should consider implementing a sticky menu, or a sticky header, for example. Furthermore, they can also improve your website’s conversion rate since you can make the “sign up” option visible the whole time, too, using a sticky header. Also, you can use a sticky menu for different things, such as raising brand awareness among your visitors. 

If you think that the process of adding sticky elements to your page is complicated and challenging, don’t worry! There is a great tool that helps you stick any element to your website. Using the WP Sticky plugin, you can create a sticky header by yourself in just a few easy steps. It saves you a lot of time and money, plus it is extremely easy to use!

The plugin works pretty great with almost everything- page builders, themes, and other plugins. No prior experience in coding is required, so it can be said that everyone who wants can use it. It’s a simple way to create sticky elements- you just pick an element of the screen to make it sticky, adjust the preferences, and it’s done!

Also, the sticky elements are easily customizable for showing up on other devices too. You can adapt them for smaller and larger screens very easily, so you can ensure that your website will look good both on mobile devices and larger screens.

If you stick your header on a larger screen, that doesn’t mean that it needs to stay sticky for mobile devices. So, it is all up to you. You create the site however you like it! You can also make your sticky elements fade in or slide down, for example. You can also exclude all the places where the chosen element shouldn’t be shown as a sticky.   

It’s effortless. All you have to do is install and activate your copy of the WP Sticky plugin. Once you did that, you are ready to start creating your sticky elements! So, no coding at all (unless you want to customize your elements using CSS- that can be done too), everything is fully customizable and simple to use, saves time, saves money. 

WP Sticky has a simple design and an excellent interface too. It gives you a chance to use some simple steps to improve your website and provide you with the ability to add some of the advanced functionalities to your WordPress site.

The plugin gives you complete freedom in creating your sticky element; you can edit everything however you want to. You can adjust positioning, background color, Z-index, spacing between sticky and the top of the page, with multiple other customizations available. You will undoubtedly find it useful! 

Good branding means good business. It helps you gain new customers, build trust within the marketplace, and it makes a significant impact on your company. That’s why your website also needs to be designed in a way that helps you promote your logo and branding in the best way possible. You need to make sure people see and remember your brand and logo.

That is why sticky elements can help you a lot! If you think about it, you will realize how important those details on your website are. Once you get people to come to your site, you need to make sure that they will keep your name in their memory.

There are several ways to do so, and one of them is to start using sticky elements. A pretty simple way to achieve that is to stick your logo somewhere on the page where the potential customers will see it all the way while they scroll through your content. Now you can see why adding a sticky element and building a brand are connected. You just need to put some effort into editing your sticky elements and improving your website’s design, and, bit by bit- you will start noticing the improvement! Good luck!

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