How to Develop Content Marketing to Boost Enrollment in Education Industry

Content marketing is an emerging trend and every industry is now getting the most from it. The higher education industry should also have a fair share of content marketing strategies to build up school’s or university’s brand. Smart content marketing can be used to display expertise and emphasize what differentiates you from competitors in the industry. Nowadays, it has become important for schools and universities to grow an online presence effectively. Here are 5 helpful ways of generating online attention and, eventually, boosting enrollment numbers using digital content marketing.

1. Use of Testimonials on Website and Social Media

Incorporating a student testimonial section on the website of your institution would be a great idea. It provides present students and former students the chance to share their success stories and past experiences. You can leverage this section to highlight your institute’s unique selling points. In addition, making use of your social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is a huge way to promote testimonies. You must include present and former students into your content which is particularly useful in the concluding stages of prospective student’s decision-making process.

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2. Set-Up a Portal or Blog

To improve your online presence and reputation, blogs can be used in different ways. “Blogs are a valuable tool for initiating welcoming communication between the students and management”, says by Julian Hannah, a senior content writer at Assignment Help. Blogs present a huge opportunity to keep existing and prospect students up-to-date with developments and activities at your school or university.

3. Create Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual reality tours are a big means to motivate prospects as they present something that still images cannot offer. “By the use of virtual reality, you can create an immersive experience and ambiance of your college and university that can ultimately attract students”, says by Susan Johnson, an editor at Essay Writer. Remember that virtual reality provides a 3D tour of an educational institute’s campus and its surrounding area. It can make students feel like they are present or standing at the institute in real time.

4. Upload Videos

The competition is tough these days and to attract the attention of prospective students is not easy. But still, videos may be helpful to grab the student’s interest immediately. Create a video section on your website and upload all the videos regarding the institute’s ceremonies and events. Uploading videos to the institute’s website or on social media platform is a great option in terms of instantly grabbing prospective student’s focus.

5. Make the most of Infographics

Infographics represent influential, visual representations of the major information that also attracts students. They are a big tool for presenting career and industry statistics to boost enrolment numbers. When the hardcore data and figures are presented in the form of infographics, students really love as it gives them core information instantly and easily. You can create infographics about your institute’s past achievements, total no. of passed out students, number of courses and much more to boost enrolments in your institute.

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