6th March Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update?


One of the updates that I have ever measured. Without any notice from Google Algorithm.

The Update which I and my team felt Today while my Team presently handling the 40 Projects from USA, UK and Canada Clients.We are almost ranking on the Top 1 Page of the Google Search Engine.

Dropped in Domain Authority

Yes, You heard is write. The Domain Authority is previously known as Page Rank by Google. Now we consider as DA(Domain Authority) is sudden dropped down to 20 points or number.

I also Google it around and found all the major websites that are regular updating has loose their DA.


The most popular website we are aware and the example in which we all can relate that is Twitter

There is also more list that loses its Domain Authority.

If anyone doing work regularly on the Google Seach engine like an SEO then he can relate to easily. Earlier we have written in our website list or may be noticed by users that have DA 100. And now According to the MOZ Tool or online Checker. And now we have measured it down to 93.

Also Doing one of the research on the updates I found the seroundtable.com the 5th March update. That is related to the updates which they feel like the movement by Google.

Ranking Dropped

As we already noticed on our 25 plus websites that are dropped their Domain Authority. It is quite obvious that their will ranking dropped within a week depending on other circumstances.

As an SEO Experts, We at Developer Gang daily analyzed our projects so that we can be so updated by Google and provide Good work to the Client. Here to mention more about updates is www.econtentmag.com where you can read about the major updates that held in 2018 (Core updates).

You can learn more about What is SEO meaning from start to end.