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How we can enhance the Magento performance?

Disable the Magento log Disable any un-used modules Magento Caching Enable Gzip compression Optimize your image Optimize your Server Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) U...

basic features of Magento?

Magento basic features are:: Reporting and AnalyticsProduct and Catalog BrowsingCustomer AccountsOrder ManagementPaymentSite ManagementShippingSearch engine optimizationMarketin...

What are the different edition of Magento?

Magento Community Edition Magento Enterprise Edition Magento Professional Edition Magento .go

what is the difference between Mage::getModel() and Mage::getSingletone() in Magento?

Mage::getModel(): It always creates a new object. Mage: :getSingleton(): It always look for an existing object and if not then creates a new object.

Mention what technology does Magento use?

Magento uses PHP as a web server scripting language and MySQL for database.

Mention what is the architecture of Magento? What are the different versions of Magento?

Magento architecture is a typical PHP MVC (Model-View-Controller) application, where all the Controllers will be in one folder and all the Models in another, etc. Based on their f...

How To Display A Page In The Categories Default Menu Magento ??

Here are step by step solution for the adding our CMS page to menu with categories: read carefully to understand this. check below screenshot that is already showing our categories...

How to get current theme name and package name in magento?

Current Package name Mage::getSingleton('core/design_package')->getPackageName() Current Theme name Mage::getSingleton('core/design_package')->getTheme('frontend') Read the...

How to change the logo in magento ?

First, you need to login to the admin panel. Then go to System ==> Configuration ==> Design ==> Header. There change the image name to what you want. Upload your Logo ski...
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