Everything You Need To Know About Curtain Dry Cleaning Services

Who doesn’t love the feeling of new, fresh curtains at their home? Coming back to a clean, well-maintained house has to be one of the best feelings, especially after a long day at work. Previously, cleaning and drying curtains were a burden, but with the availability of curtain dry cleaning services, this has become a piece of cake. 

Dry cleaning services became increasingly popular in Melbourne, Australia. With the growing demand for cleaning services, the dry cleaning industry flourished in several parts of Australia. The Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia specialises in various dry cleaning services and has several branches set up in every state and district of the country. 

Benefits of having your curtains dry cleaned 

Professional curtain dry cleaning has several underrated benefits. 

  • In-depth dirt removal – Over some time, curtains accumulate large amounts of dirt, dust and pollen. This build up on the curtains could lead to health issues, especially if you are allergic to pollen or have underlying breathing issues. Hence, regular professional cleaning is a must. 
  • Battling moulds – If the dirt and dust on the curtains go unnoticed, moulds may start to develop on the fabric. This not only ruins the look of the curtains but may also lead to health problems. Therefore, always make sure to wash and dry your curtains thoroughly before putting them back. 
  • Quality improvement – Negligence in curtain cleaning could drastically ruin the quality of the fabric and reduce its durability. Regular dry cleaning will maintain the quality of the fabric and add an aesthetic value to the home for many years. 
  • Professional dry-cleaning is less abrasive – Since the latest dry cleaning services use greener products, they are less damaging when compared to the traditional detergents used at home for washing. Therefore, there are fewer chances of the curtain getting damaged during the cleaning process. Professionals also give special attention to the type of fabric and the quality and treat the curtain accordingly. 

How to choose a suitable dry cleaner?

Choosing a dry cleaner for your delicate curtains may seem like an easy task. Nevertheless, it is essential to research and choose an appropriate curtain dry cleaning service. The type of service determines the result. 

Here is a list of important factors that must be kept in mind while choosing a dry cleaning service. 

  • Type of solvent used by the cleaner – There is a whole directory of cleaning solvents and techniques. However, not all are environmentally friendly. Some cleaners recirculate the cleaning liquids causing the dust and mould from the previous curtain to settle on your curtains. Therefore, always enquire about professionals if they use fresh fluids during each wash.
  • Type of equipment used for pressing – Curtain pressing can be either done by hand or with the help of a machine. Machine pressing uses the hot steam technique, wherein steam is run through the fabric to get rid of folds and wrinkles. Many times the force of the steam can be harsh, causing the curtains to lose shape and expand. Hence, it is always best to ask the cleaner what type of pressing technique they use and identify appropriate for your fabric. 
  • What initiative is taken in case of damage – Even though dry cleaning services hire professionals, mistakes are inevitable. Thus, always inquire beforehand about how and who will handle the situation in case of damage and which policy they incorporate to alter their mistake.
  • Cost of the service – The first and foremost matter of concern is the cost of the service. Choose the dry cleaner based on your budget. 
  • Recommendations – Despite asking all the necessary questions, the dry cleaners may not be up to the standard. Thus, it is always safe to take a recommendation and stay out of trouble. 
  • Observe employee professionalism – Always observe whether or not the employees pay attention to your concern and carefully inspect the curtains before taking on the task of dry cleaning. 

Utilising curtain dry cleaning services saves a lot of time and provides professionally washed, cleaned and dried results, which may not be obtainable at home.

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