5 Reasons Your Home Feels Cold

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Do you ever curl up in a blanket and wonder, “why is my house so cold?” You turned up the thermostat, but the room doesn’t feel much warmer. All it does is increase your energy bill.

Temperature problems are common amongst homeowners. Thankfully, there are a few reasons why this might be happening, and you can address them so that you don’t have to feel cold anymore. Here are the most common reasons why your home feels cold.

There are drafts

When heating or cooling the home, you must keep all the windows and doors closed. There should be no openings to the outside because this will let your warm air escape. The home should be sealed like an envelope.
Drafts are often created by windows and doors. Check your window frames and door frames for cracks. If you find any, seal them with caulking.

Windows can be sealed further by adding locks and weatherstripping to them, closing every possible gap that is left when the window is closed. If there are gaps under your doors, seal them off by adding door sweeps. You can find these at the hardware store and install them yourself.

Your home is unevenly heated

If some rooms are warmer than others, there may be a heat delivery problem. Leaky or poorly configured ducts fail to bring warm air equally into every room. Large, two-storey homes may even need two separate HVAC systems to cover the entire house properly.

Check that your vents are unobstructed and move things away from them to let air flow. The same logic goes for radiators.

The home is poorly insulated

Insulation that is dirty, damaged, wet, worn out, or misplaced does not work properly. This compromises the home’s ability to keep your warm air inside. If you’re struggling with keeping the house warm, it may be time to have your insulation topped up or replaced entirely. Consider having your attic inspected by a professional to determine what kind of insulation you have and if it needs replacing.

Other forms of insulation, like windowpanes, may also be inadequate. Triple pane windows are the most effective at preventing heat loss and condensation. They’re also more soundproof. Check if your windows are very cold in the winter and if they get covered in condensation. If they are, you should think about having them replaced. Use heavy drapes in the winter to help increase insulation.

The air filter needs replacing

When is the last time you changed the air filter in your HVAC system? This filter helps to purify the air in your home, trapping dust and debris before it can circulate. Over time, this filter gets clogged up and struggles to let air through, which makes it harder for your system to push the air through.

Turn off your HVAC system, then clean the filter if you can. If it not a reusable filter, replace it with a new one that fits the model. Your home will be more energy efficient and more warm air will circulate throughout the home.

The air is dry

Air that is dry feels colder. Try increasing the humidity of your home so that it sits somewhere between 50 and 60% on a hygrometer. You can purchase a hygrometer at a home supply store or do a simple test using a glass of ice water. Fill a glass with water and 3 or 4 ice cubes, then wait 10 minutes. If there is no condensation on the glass, the air is too dry. Use a humidifier to increase the level of moisture in the air and feel warmer.

Call an HVAC technician

In the end, your HVAC system may need maintenance. Contact a local professional for an inspection of your unit and he or she can tell you what is going on. Technicians can clean the unit, give it repairs, and tell you when the whole thing needs replacing. They can also tell you how you can upgrade your system so that your home is evenly heated and cared for.

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