10 Strong Reasons Why Instagram Stories Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy


Instagram stories should be a key part of any business in a social media strategy. Stories that are posted by brands and businesses get more views than stories posted by regular profiles. To keep your Instagram engagement on high, you can use this feature to promote your products or any messages you want to share with your audience.

Creating stories for your business will be an entertaining activity with a lot of benefits. You can share as many as stories you want per day with a lot of creativity you want.

In this article, you will find excellent strategies to make Instagram stories a primary part of your business.

1. Enhance your brand visibility

Instagram stories appear on the top of your news feed with the colorful ring around your profile picture. It will indicate a new story posted. When you post a new story, your followers are also notified. So don't stop with a single story per day.

2. Interact with your audience

In the world of Instagram, stories have a primary role because of their nature and this will help you to showcase your business. Instagram is the place where people engage most when compared with other social media platforms. So you can do things as you wish using this platform. You can directly interact with your audience to understand better their needs using Instagram stories.

To make your followers more involved in your stories, try to ask them questions, and have them share their thoughts.

If you want to get more followers and increase your reach, you will have to spend more time creating the best story for your videos. Alternatively, you can also buy Instagram story views to improve brand awareness and generate more sales on Instagram.

Then start to converse with other people, start commenting on other posts, and build strong relationships. Once you get 10k followers (10,000), you will get access to swipe uplinks. It makes it even easier to drive traffic for your account.

3. Generate Leads

Increasing your Instagram following generally means that you are growing your leads and prospects. Even if your stories will last 24 hours, not only your followers but your non-followers can easily view them. It will be a great opportunity to reach more new audiences, and you can convey your ideas more distinctively.

4. Get instant feedback

Even before the launch of any new product, it is always better to ask for feedback from your followers using Instagram stories. All you need is, using stories, you can ask your followers about their choice or their requirement. You can use pools or question stickers to interact with your audience.

5. Recycle your blog content

Recycling content will build up your video's weight or blog posts and create a united strategy throughout your digital presence. It will increase your brand awareness and stir up your audience to convert

If you have any content that performs well on another platform, you can reuse it and share it on Instagram stories.

6. Increase brand transparency

Try to show behind the screen videos of your products to your audience. It will help you to know more things about your product. Make videos with your entire team, give sneak peeks on your planings, etc. The main is to make your customers a part of your everyday work life.

7. Run Instagram Story Ads

Instagram released the Instagram story Ads feature in March 2017 to all business accounts. This option helps your business use targeting and reach potential that make your ad more relevant to people who want to target.

Instagram story ads are mostly used by brands to get conversions, and link clicks. To run ads on Instagram stories, you can use Ads manager, creator Hub.

8. Use real-time marketing

Instagram stories encourage the use of real-time marketing. It helps to get real-time feedback from the clients. To get your client's attention, create Instagram content focused on the current, relative content, topics that are most important to your clients.

9. Increase your engagement

If you post more stories on Instagram, your post will be more shown in the news feed.

Instagram is the best platform to market your brand online, gain genuine followings, and develop a community supporting your brand values and business. Instagram is capable of getting more results at a low cost.

You can follow these steps to get more engagement for your brand:

  • Use a descriptive and attractive bio for your profile.
  • Add some entertaining elements to your content.
  • Post many stories per day.
  • Don't forget to reply to your DMs.
  • Write longer captions.

10. Stay top of mind

Always you have to stay top of your customer's mind. If they hear more from you, they will always remember you when they need any product or service from you. So you can use stories as a secret weapon for this.

Summing up

Be like a storyteller, tell stories about your services and products. Share your thoughts and ideas with your followers.

Instagram stories are the best platform to show your ideas creatively. Start your journey with Instagram stories, and make your brand popular.

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