5 Hidden Benefits of Whey Protein Revealed



Eating a healthy and balanced diet helps people maintain healthy wellbeing. But some nutrients from food and other natural resources are not enough for the daily recommended dose. One of these nutrients is whey protein. It is why taking supplements like OxyWhey is necessary to give you the best nutrition. 

Whey protein is often consumed as a supplement to help your body keep up with strenuous resistance training. It can also help stimulate the development of lean muscle mass and boost muscle protein creation. But aside from these health benefits, there are several hidden advantages of consuming whey protein that can benefit your body. 

Hidden Benefit #1: Reduces Risk of Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

The protein derived from the hydrolyzed formula is already broken down into minimal amounts. Therefore, they are usually smaller than the protein found in soy-based formulas and cow’s milk. 

A recent study discovered that partially hydrolyzed the protein fed to babies aged three to 12 months reduces the chance of developing atopic dermatitis during their toddler years. It means that those who consume it early on will have lesser chances of dealing with eczema as they grow older.  

Hidden Benefit #2: Reducing Bad Cholesterol 

Another whey protein research published in The British Journal of Nutrition revealed that men and women aged 50 and up noticed a decrease in their cholesterol levels after consuming whey protein supplements like OxyWhey. 

The four-month study also checked the respondents’ lipid and insulin levels. When the research reached its 12th week, the researchers discovered that those who consumed whey protein found a significant decrease in their LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol levels.  

Hidden Benefit #3: Reduces Risks for High Blood Pressure and Other Cardiovascular Disorders

In a recent study shared by the International Dairy Journal, the respondents diagnosed with hypertension had the least risk of developing stroke, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases after consuming supplements containing whey protein. 

Consuming dairy products and supplements with high whey protein content can reduce blood pressure, especially for those diagnosed with hypertension. Thus, the risk of getting severe cardiovascular ailments is also reduced with regular whey protein supplement doses.  

Hidden Benefit #4: Controls Asthma Attacks 

Asthmatic patients reportedly experienced enhanced immunological responses after consuming whey protein. In one brief clinical trial, people with asthma were given 10 grams of whey protein twice a day for one month. At the end of the trial, the patients revealed better immunological responses. 

As a result, the patients who joined the clinical trial experienced fewer asthma attacks during the 30 days. However, more studies are necessary to help determine the validity of this research. 

Hidden Benefit #5: Faster Wound Healing

Other studies revealed that regular consumption of whey protein could help speed up the healing of chronic wounds and burns. 

According to a study, whey contains higher levels of amino acids. Therefore, it is crucial for proper wound healing. It can also help mend bones, skin, and muscle tissues. So if you need to heal your wound faster, taking whey protein supplements can help you recover more quickly. 

Whey protein supplements are not only beneficial for people who want to boost their muscle development for bodybuilding. This supplement is also helpful for other health conditions. You only need to look for the best whey protein products from reliable sources to ensure that you will enjoy all the benefits safely all the time. 

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