What to Consider Before Buying A Suit?


Getting a tailored suit can be a game-changer situation for every man. Whether you are looking to make a good impression on your first day of office or want to make your presence stronger in any family occasion or party, a custom-made tailor suit will help you in achieving it.

If in your school and college day, you were the guy who used to wear only ripped jeans and t-shirt to make yourself look cool then you should definitely need to change your definition of cool. Wearing a tailored suit will not only make you look cool but dashing too.

While looking for a place to make the suit in Singapore, you need to consult only top gents tailor Singapore. As you will want to make your suit to have a perfect fitting and that can be achieved only when your suit is made by one of the experienced tailors of Singapore.

The suit that fits you well and is incredibly making you look awesome is difficult to get as there are few points that you need to keep in mind before buying a stitch. Please go through this blog to learn a few things that are necessary for getting a custom-made tailored suit.

1. Budget

You need to first fix the budget i.e. how much money you are ready to invest in stitching your tailored suit. However, if you could be a little generous then you should not let the budget affect your choice. While stitching or while buying a suit if you just think about the budget then you will need the help of experienced gents tailor in Singapore who can help you in getting your demand fulfilled.

2. Style

Once the budget is set you need to think about what type or style of suit you want? Are you looking for two-button suits, a double-breasted suit or a diner suit? Summer suits and check suits are also loved by men. You must know what type of pants you want for your suit is it pleated or flat front.  While looking for the shirt that will go with the suit you can buy custom tailored shirts online.

3. Occasion

Is the suit for work or a friend’s wedding or a date night? Or is it for all three occasions? Once you know the occasion, then buying or stitching the suit becomes easy. Be it a work suit or party suit, you can wear it anywhere if it is stitched by the prominent tailor of Singapore.

4. Fitting

You will not want to wear the suit that is either too tight or is too loose on you. That is why you need to pay extra attention to the fitting of the suit. You need to double-check whether the pant, shirt, and jacket have a perfect fitting or not. A suit that fits your body comfortably and is equal to your size will make you look handsome.

5. Color

Black, Blue, and Charcoal Grey are all-time favorite colors of men while buying the suit. However, you can even try a lighter color suit too as they also can look good on you. Or you can go for the darker color tailored suit in winter or lighter color in summer.

6. Fabric

If you are someone who has knowledge of fabric then it will be easy for you to buy the suit. However, if you don’t know about the fabric that can be used for stitching the suit then it is a challenging task. You can use wool, worsted wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, polyester, silk, velvet fabric for stitching your suit. You can choose the fabric depending upon the season in which you want to wear the suit.

7. Quality

Even the quality and softness of fabric should be checked beforehand so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. So, make sure to touch the suit once so that you can feel whether it is soft or not. Quality is one thing that speaks about smartness while wearing a suit so never compromise with it.

8. Tailor

Getting a suit stitched by a professional and experienced tailor will be in your benefit only. As they will give perfect stitching to your suit and will even give them perfect finishing. That is why you need to search the best gents tailor in Singapore who can even help you in deciding the style of the suit.

The suit is one thing that can be purchased also and can be stitched also. Now, it totally depends on you what type of suit you want. However, you should invest properly in your suit so that you look dashing in your custom-tailored suit. Don’t go for cheap stuff as it is like playing with your personality and you will not want to put a spot on your personality by wearing a suit that is of cheap quality.