What is ready to wear a suit?


Ready to wear is a type of garment that suits manufacturers using a standard pattern to make it. This pattern builds based on a specific zone or location average men's body size, shape, and forms. The shape and size of these ready patterns will differ substantially from one area to another.

The reason some of the online shoppers having a difficult time with the fit of the same designer suits is the pattern factor. The ready to wear suits are moving from one place to another. Usually, each zone should have a different and specific pattern.

For ready to wear suits, you do not need to wait to make for you like you have to wait for Custom Made Suits Vancouver. It is the easiest way to buy suits from off the rack in any department store or boutique.

The chance to find the right fit in R.T.W. is low because these suits are made to serve everyone, which in reality, we all have a different body shape and sizes.

This type of suit is suitable for symmetrical body shape, which no human being has a balanced body shape. 

The critical detail we should pay attention to when we purchased the ready to wear suits is the alteration issues. By having an alteration, you will get worse on your suit structure and comfortability. The construction of the jacket is essential, which can bje made in full canvased; half canvased or fused; the fused option is the worst construction type.

Low-quality ready-to-wear suits are not recommended for professionals because they will lose the look aspect because of fused construction. Suit jackets will lose the shape and form after wearing them a few months.            

Check the suit construction before purchasing. The best structure is fully canvased. Semi canvased is better than fused, but it is not a good option.

Another factor is how the suit made? Machine-made or handmade?

The fit is not the only factor we should pay attention; we also need to verify the following crucial details when purchase the Ready to wear suits:

Jacket Construction

If the Jacket construction is made in full canvased, half canvased or fused, the fused option is not suitable for professionals even it fits well.

Machine made or Handcrafted?

The real value of a well-made suit is measured by the amount of hand-craftsmanship and quality of the construction involved in the suit's manufacturing. Most of ready to wear suits are made entirely by machine indifferent the brand name. 

 Most of ready to wear suits are made entirely by machine indifferent the brand name. These suits no have hand craftsmanship engaged in the manufacturing process. Even top luxury designer brands paying over $6,000 have less than 2% hand craftsmanship in manufacturing the suit. You pay for the name, not for quality and craftsmanship. The average machine-made suit makes less than 90 minutes, but handmade bespoke suits need a minimum of 60 hours of mastery work.


You should try on the ready to wear suit, and buy just it fits well or needs minor alterations. Otherwise, I do not recommend purchasing the R.T.W. suits when requiring significant modification. Here are some of those adjustments:

  • When need to modify the jacket shoulder shape or sizes,
  • When the jacket length is more than 1.5 inches longer or shorter,
  • When sleeves length is more than 1.5 inches longer or shorter,
  • It is not recommended adjustment on the lapels and the collar of the jacket.
  • I do not recommend any alteration in the jackets' body structure because it will be costly. Indeed, you never get the right fit after touching the suits' construction.
  • Taking in more than one inch from the jacket waist.

If you are at the beginning of your professional carrier, ready to wear suits, maybe your best option. It will be cheap and helps you to learn and experience the quality and fit and comfort. You will also know what kind of suit you need to build the next level wardrobe for you.


Ready to wear suits is suitable for who has a proportional body. They are easy to find a good fit, ready to wear suits. However, because you are investing money, you should check the suit's construction, the fit is one part, but the structure is the most crucial part. You need to pay attention to the fabric quality as well.

Justin Bell
Sartorial Milanesi