Secrets in Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Photography on Your Wedding Day


Wedding day is the most special day of a couple’s life as they make many unforgettable memories and want to cherish them for a lifetime. In order to keep those moments alive forever, photographs work as a memoir. Your wedding day will fly in a blink of an eye, but a good photographer can make you relive those precious moments every time you see your wedding album. For the past two decades, the art of wedding photography has changed significantly. Nowadays, wedding photo-shoot even has a different significance for every couple.

Earlier, the cameras were not so advanced, and photographers capture pictures staying behind a black box that they hardly knew how to operate it. Back then, couples used to hire wedding photographers to produce an album of that particular day. And who knows they might be covering more than one wedding in a day. However, today this is not the case. Couples select a wedding photographer who sticks to their every wedding event and also who does pre-wedding shoots. 

In today’s tech-savvy world, the cameras are advanced and digital that can produce higher quality photographs compared to the pictures years ago. Wedding professionals like Somerset Wedding Photographer offer stunning and beautiful photos and also record the wedding artistically and narratively. Choosing the best style to get photographs on your special day might be a daunting task, but the couple can decide according to their preference. Here are some styles of wedding photography:

  • Artistic Wedding Photography

Under Artistic style wedding photography, the photographer emphasizes personal and creative details. The purpose of this style is not only to capture events but also emerge artwork with each picture. For instance, sometimes, while clicking the picture, the photographer focuses on the lighting of the event and clicks the picture through the light bulb, giving the picture a light blown effect. Besides, it is necessary to pay great attention to composition and lighting to achieve this effect.

  • Documentary wedding photography

Documentary style photography is the one based on capturing the genuine emotions of the bride and groom. The photographer will record candid moments of the special couple, which doesn’t involve posing. For obtaining these photographs, the professional must keep an eye on the crucial moments and stay invisible to the guests. By doing this, he will be able to capture incredibly lively and emotional photos. If you want your wedding photographs like this, you should choose a photographer with suitable skills and experience like Somerset Wedding Photographer.

  • Portrait Wedding Photography

The primary purpose of Portrait style photography is to capture a portrait of people present at the wedding. The direction of this photography is characterized by numerous images that demonstrate a sincere atmosphere as well as emotions of excitement and happiness. These photos can be staged or spontaneous. Couples admire high-quality wedding portraits the most.

  • Black and White Style

Some couples love colored photographs, while others adore the simplicity of black and white photography. Even photographers convert the colored photos into black and white to hide the flaws of lighting in the pictures. The main focus of black and white style photography is on the objects.

  • Vintage-Style Photography

One of the most common and popular styles of wedding photography among modern newlyweds is Vintage –style. This type of photography requires meticulous organization and preparation. Besides, the retro wedding is becoming increasingly popular as they say everything new is well forgotten old.

The Bottom Line

A wedding brings excellent opportunities for photographers to show different photography styles. And to select the photography style, couples can contact the photographers and choose the style by seeing their previous work. Besides, you can search the internet and look for different wedding photography styles and select the one you like. Lastly, it depends on the budget of the couple also to choose the style of photography.