Transportation & Its Types

Transportation & Its Types

Transportation has always been one of the major industries in the current time era which keeps on developing and boosting with every passing day. Earlier we see less vehicles on the road and people also used to opt for walking for their means of transportation but with the busy schedule of life the vehicle and transportation requirement is increasing and that is one of the reasons that the transportation industry is on a high.

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Types of Transportation:-

In the transportation industry it is very important that a person understand that every vehicle comes under different category of transportation and while choosing their need in terms of transportation they need to understand types of transportation and these are as follows:-

1. Air Transportation:-

The transportation which has been supported to travel through heights or air is known as air transportation. Air transportation is the transport which moreover works in the aviation industry. Transport such as aircrafts, airplanes, helicopters, gliders, hot air balloons and so on are types of air transportation.

The industry of air transportation is even at a great boom and that is the reason that with each passing day a technology is being developed for betterment in this industry of transportation. As currently the most disadvantageous part of this industry is its expensive fuel.

2. Road Transportation:-

The transportation used on traveling through road tracks is known as road transportation. All forms of transport such as cycles, autos, bikes, rikshaw, buses, cars, tempo, mini bus, pick up and so on are part of road transport. Road transport helps in connecting people to travel within their own cities and inter cities through highways.

3. Water Transport:-

When you are into export business or traveling across the seas you are the one who understands the value of water transport. Water transport is the transport through which people can travel through water. Water transport includes ships, cargo ships, steamers, water boats and so on. This is the common means of transport used around water bodies or islands for traveling.

4. Railways:-

This type of transport usually runs on wired services or proper singular track or railway path. The use of metros, monorail, and trains are all part of railways.

Therefore, these are four major types of transport system used.