Top Reasons for Continuing Your Education


When you finish school or university and you feel like your learning is done, it may be time to think again. There are plenty of direct advantages that you can gain from continuing in education - the following article discusses some of them in greater detail.

Continuing in education doesn’t necessarily mean only one thing. It could be that you take a series of one-off classes or pursue another formal degree program. The world is constantly changing, so it is important that you keep your knowledge and skills as fresh and updated as you possibly can. If you are teetering on the edge of continuing in education, here are a few reasons why it is worthwhile.

Increase Your Odds of a Promotion 

The first and most obvious reason why you would want to consider in education is to further your career and increase your chances of gaining a promotion. We live in a highly competitive world in which you are facing up against plenty of rivals for higher job roles.

You need to keep your skills sharp to give yourself the edge. Employers will recognize and respect that you have taken the time to better yourself. These days, this is often done on evenings and weekends. It is more of an option thanks to internet learning becoming so widespread and popular. The fact that you are sacrificing your own time can appear even more appealing to would-be promoters. 

The increased knowledge and skills that you develop help to ensure that you can do the jobs of increased ability. Sometimes, getting an advanced degree like an MBA may be a necessary requirement of obtaining a promotion. This article tells you more about the relevance of advanced learning in a career. When you are being directly compared with another candidate for promotion, the fact that you have an advanced degree can end up being the crucial and deciding factor. 

Improve Your Salary 

While money isn’t the only factor that can drive people towards getting a better education, it can end up playing a significant role in their decision-making process. This can play a part whether you are seeking a promotion or a raise and can help to make a case to your boss about why you are worth the extra money that you are proposing.

The statistics are stark and show that people with a degree earn significantly more throughout their lifetime than those who do not have one. Of course, you often have to make that initial investment and pay for the knowledge that you are getting in the form of a student loan etc. If you go onto advanced education, this can increase your pay packet significantly as well. So, if you are hoping to earn more during your career, an advanced education could prove to be a worthwhile path to go down.

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Help a Career Transition 

Sometimes, you are not looking to climb any further up the ladder that you are currently on. Instead, you want to transition into a new career entirely. While you may have picked up some transferrable skills from your previous role, it may also be the case that you need some new abilities that can only be gained from further education.

If you are committed to taking up this new career path, the route of more study may prove to be the only sensible one to take. 

While some jobs are not as strict at requiring a specific degree, there are others that do necessitate further education. For example, if you are planning on becoming a teacher or a nurse, you are going to need a specific qualification.

Other degree programs or courses may be more generalized, but they can still facilitate your move towards an alternative career. Making a career transition is intimidating at the best of times but having the right qualifications in your back pocket can make it seem just a little bit less daunting, offering you the confidence you require to succeed. 

Boost Your Marketability 

We live in a world that is very marketing-heavy, and this includes the ability to market yourself as well. Staying employable is one of the best ways of ensuring that you have a life that is financially stable. Having an attractive resume is one of the best ways of ensuring this. Also, further education can help to keep your skills relevant. If you have not studied for a significant period of time, it is all too easy for your knowledge to become outdated. 

While additional education may not be the only factor in your marketability, it can end up being a significant one. If you find yourself in a close call with other candidates, having an additional qualification can end up being the factor that separates the two of you. It is not only the course that can set you apart, but also that employers recognize that you are willing to set yourself a challenge and succeed where other people do not have the same level of determination.

Also, if you have taken on a course more recently, employers will recognize that you have more up-to-date knowledge and skills that you can draw upon. In a highly competitive world, the ability to sell yourself well is what can end up separating you from the crowd, and further education can help to give you the confidence to do so effectively.

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Give Yourself a Sense of Purpose 

We all need a sense of purpose in our lives. If you feel like you have lost this in recent times, further study can prove to be one of the best ways of regaining it. Essentially, it allows you to work, bit by bit, towards a goal. While there are going to be difficulties along the way, when you achieve your objectives, there is also a great sense of satisfaction to be gained. Self-improvement is one of the fastest routes to greater contentment, and you don’t necessarily have to take on anything too complicated or grand in your studies. Instead, it can be enough to just take on a short course. Often, the learning objectives are clear along the way, but if not, you can set your own. All you need to do is to make sure that they are both clear and obtainable. 

Achieve a More Well-Rounded Life 

Another one of the clear routes to happiness is to enjoy a life that has a clear sense of balance. A good education can provide this – along with work and leisure time.

Too much of anything can prove to cause unhappiness, so if you are looking for that clear sense of fulfilment, this can be a great path to go down. Essentially, a commitment to lifelong learning is worth having – no matter what position in life you are currently at. People of all ages can go back to school again, and as we mentioned earlier on, this is more of an option than ever before thanks to the advent of online learning. Not only do courses tend to be more affordable, but you can also fit them around other aspects of your life.

Improve Your Personal Development 

Closely linked to the previous two positive cases that we have provided; further study can end up being the route to the kind of personal development that many of us want to achieve. Learning is a lifelong process but going into a more formalized route of education provides a greater sense of structure to it.

Perhaps you want to take on a course that is directly related to your field of work. Alternatively, it may simply be an area that you find particularly interesting. Whatever the case, if you are looking for personal development with a clear framework, the path of further study can prove to be the ideal one for you to take. 

Looking back at the reasons above, it is clear that there are many reasons why continuing in education is a good idea for anyone in life – no matter their age, background, or current career. Ultimately, it can end up opening all sorts of doors that you may never have thought of opening in the past. If you are wondering about what the next step is that you can take, there are several options here.

Your best course of action is to do a little bit of research to work out what it is that you would like to study. You could also enquire at your current employer to see if there are any courses that you could embark upon.

Another option is to talk to the people closest to you in your life such as friends and family members to see what they have studied in the past. You can then work out if this is the right course for you. Then, there is the matter of throwing yourself in at the deep end and committing to further study, which can be daunting at first, but the payoff can be immense.

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