Top Activities to do in Ladakh


Ladakh, the 'Land of High Passes', a dream of every mountaineering enthusiast, is home to most of the highest mountains and passes. Its scenic splendour, barren land, arid mountains, picture-perfect gompas, snow-capped peaks, the clear blue skies exemplify the beauty of Ladakh. 

Ladakh is the best place to satisfy your hunger for escapade as here you can indulge in a series of adventure sports such as biking, water rafting, safaris, etc. Plenty of trek trails and trekking options are available to satiate the adventure fanatics from across the globe. Along with adventure sports, there are beautiful and colourful monasteries located. 

There is a great influence of the Tibetan culture in Ladakh as it shares its east border with Tibet. It is located in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Tibetan antelope, ibex, and yak, the rarest species are also visible here. After decades of conflict, Ladakh developed as a prominent destination for tourism. 

It is always recommended to avoid the period of mid-May to mid-September for the visit as rains result in frequent roadblocks and landslides and that can be quite dangerous. Visiting Ladakh is both exciting and challenging at the same time, and hence there are too many Ladhak packages available that help travellers plan their trip effortlessly.

Let us find out more about Ladakh and the top activities to do in Ladakh that you should not miss out on.

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Hemis Festival

The dance drama with vibrant clothes and formidable masks by the Llamas are the attraction point at Hemis Festival. This festival is a symbol of good winning over bad.

Hemis National Park

Snow Leopard is the attraction here, which is rarely found in the entire world. These are primarily visible in winters on the snow leopard trek. The Hemis National Park is a shelter for 200 snow leopards.

Adventurous Roads

Bike ride on the rocky terrain and the landscape of rugged vast lands are the most amazing experiences in Ladakh. Exploring Ladakh on a bike by vrooming across its diverse terrain with the cool mountain airbrushing your face adds to the thrill of the biking experience. There are multiple Ladakh packages offered by several travelling sites that offers car and bike rental services. 


Likewise biking, cycling is also a quite popular activity to do in Ladakh. The trails with the scenic beauty of tall snow-covered mountains calm your soul and offer a thrilling experience in difficult terrain.

Chadar Trek

One of the most popular treks in Ladakh, the serene ambience while walking across frozen sheets of ice is an experience next to paradise. Spellbinding sights of frozen valleys take you whole to a new world. The best month to visit here in December when the ice gets frozen.


Experience safari on a double-humped camel at the dunes of Hunder alongside the beautiful Shyok and Nubra River. These are called Bacterian camels. These camels were the main mode of transport in ancient times. This is situated near to Siachen glacier and Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir. Cham dance and traditional arts and sports can be widely seen at the time of the festival of Hunder.


Ladakh is an unexplored wonderland of the Himalayas. Snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes are the attraction points here. Skiing is the must-do activity in these high and steep-sloped Trans-Himalayan mountain ranges.

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Pangong Lake

One of the most visiting places in Laddakh, Pangong lake catches the eyes with its crystal blue waters. The lake is 12 km long and lies in between the laps of India and China. Bird-watching and photography are quite common here as every year plethora of migrating birds arrive here. The catchy thing about this lake is that it changes its colour like a chameleon; from blue to green to even grey at times.

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic hill, also called “The Phenomenon that Defies Gravity”. There is a white box marked with parking instructions where one can park their vehicles and can see them moving uphill at a speed of 10-20km/hr by itself against gravity. Lots of facts and theories are calculated behind this phenomenon though no one is sure to date that how the vehicle moves uphill and not downhill against the slope.

Prayer Wheels

“Om Mani Padme Hum” inscribed cylindrical wheel with spindle attached signifies the erstwhile Buddhist kingdom. The Buddhist monasteries offer you a peaceful stay. Morning prayers rejuvenate the body and prove to be a great experience.

So, what are you waiting for. Grab your backpack and start your expedition to this heavenly place now!!