Tired of Your Old Home? Consider a Knockdown Rebuild


Melbourne is the best city to live in Australia because of its vibrant economy, career opportunities, excellent schools, and the healthcare system. And while traffic is bad, it is not as terrible as in Sydney. A lot of visitors have fallen in love with the city and decided to settle here. You can glean the demand in new houses by the surging real estate development. Even amid the pandemic, you can see still new buildings and private dwellings being built left and right.

If you are a long-time Melbourne resident, and you have grown tired of your home, you have three choices: you can transfer location, renovate, or you can contact new home builders in Melbourne and knock down your old house and build a new one.

What is Knockdown Rebuild?

A knockdown rebuild works precisely as it sounds. The default response of homeowners when they want a change is to renovate their houses. Perhaps, they are taking inspiration from home makeover shows and believe they can apply the best practices.

It is rare for homeowners to consider a knockdown rebuild because it is very intimidating. In contrast, the process will yield several advantages:

  1. It is cheaper in the long run -- During renovations, people tend to focus on cosmetics. But it will cost you more in the long run if you are not careful, especially if your house has several structural issues. A knockdown rebuild is not as expensive as you think. The builders may also work faster because they are not wasting all their time inspecting the house to see if they can accommodate all your wishes for the design.
  2. You stay in your current location -- Another benefit is that you do not have to transfer. Moving locations can be quite traumatic for the kids, especially if they lived in your neighbourhood all their lives. Their friends and school are there, and they have already settled into a routine. You get the house that you want, and your kids do not need to be uprooted from their environment.
  3. You are not limited to your space -- With the knockdown rebuild, you have a blank canvass to play around with. With the help of new home builders in Melbourne, you can make better use of your existing land area, rather than be restricted within the confines of your current floor area. You can go bigger if you want to.
  4. You stop compromising -- When you renovate, you may not get everything you want in your wish list. For example, you want an island in your kitchen, but the limited space forces you to settle for a peninsula instead. You may want an open layout, but you cannot tear down the wall because it is crucial for the structural integrity of the house. You will make all these concessions because you are working within the restrictions of your old home. If you start from scratch, you can design the house as you see fit and watch as your dream house becomes a reality.

Most people are not aware that renovating is more expensive than building a new home. For instance, the average renovation cost is between $2,000 and $4,000 per square metre. Meanwhile, it will cost you an average of $837 per square metre to build a house in Melbourne.