4 Useful Tips to Keep Your Business Fire Protected


Brisbane is a top destination of choice for business owners because of the city’s strategic location. It has convenient access to the Asia Pacific region, one of the fastest-growing markets today.

Additionally, Brisbane is also continuously developing and advancing, with various infrastructure projects in place and a highly talented workforce. Regardless of whether you are planning to launch your start-up or expand your business in the area, you are sure to find several business opportunities.

When dealing with commercial property for your business, your top priority must be your and your employees’ safety.

Getting fire protection services in Brisbane is important when installing safety equipment, performing maintenance, and doing any testing since this keeps your property well-equipped for potential fires. However, aside from that, you must also educate your employees about fire safety and create a proper plan to follow in case of any emergencies.

Below, you will find a few safety tips and procedures that you can utilize to keep your employees and property safe from potential injury and damage.

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1. Create an Exit Strategy

One of the most important things to do is to create an exit strategy and communicate this to all your employees. Your plan must include the proper exit routes to take in case of a fire. Make sure that these areas are labeled appropriately and easily accessible from where your employees may be working at any time of the day. Having a proper fire evacuation plan can prevent panic and minimize the negative consequences as much as possible.

2. Install a Sprinkler System

While fire alarm systems are standard protocol in building your office, it is best to also install a fire sprinkler system. Having one can help you extinguish fires or prevent them from getting bigger while you are awaiting the fire department. Sprinklers can also serve as a quick alarm as they can easily detect any sign of smoke or fire and activate immediately to warn anyone in the office. Do not forget to get professional fore protection service to ensure that professionals inspect and maintain your suppression systems regularly to ensure they are functioning properly.

3. Declutter the Workplace

Desks and the overall workspace can easily get messy, with all the papers, documents, and supplies lying around. While seemingly harmless, these things can act as combustible materials that add fuel to the fire if anything were to happen in the office. Thus, as much as possible, try to reduce clutter to the best that you can and keep things in an ordered fashion. Additionally, make sure you keep any electrical equipment away from these combustible materials to avoid turning potential fires bigger.

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4. Perform Regular Maintenance

Similar to how homeowners must do regular home maintenance, business owners must also do regular building maintenance. When performing maintenance, check your fire lanes to see if they are clear, make sure there is enough space for people to move around and get to the exit in case of a fire, and make sure that fire extinguishers and hydrants are well within reach.

Taking proactive steps to protect your employees and commercial property from a fire will go a long way. As much as possible, you want to avoid anything from happening, so taking extra precautions is critical. Remember, get your business establishment protected with fire protection services in Brisbane, it's never bad to be prepared. That said, however, you must also be ready to act if an emergency does occur so that you can lessen the repercussions as much as you can.