Tips for Managing Your Green Waste


Whenever you do yard work, there is no denying that you will produce a ton of green waste. The amount of green waste will depend on how much plants or how thick your grass is. Having a ton of green waste is annoying in your yard, especially if you want to make your entire property look presentable to everyone. 

This is the perfect time to learn green waste management. Not only are you helping yourself, but you are also helping green waste rubbish removal services like Goodbye Junk do their job easier. There are many ways to manage green waste efficiently. As long as you follow a few simple tips, you will not have any green waste problems. 

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Following the Grasscycling Method

Whenever you are mowing your lawn, it can produce a substantial amount of grass clippings. You do it by leaving the grass clippings on the lawn when mowing. This is a method called “grasscycling,” which means grass and recycling combined into one word. Doing so helps reduce the amount of landfill, reducing the spread of harmful greenhouse gases like methane. 

When you do the grasscycling, you are also saving money since you do not need to buy fertiliser from your local home depot. And if you have extra compost lying around in your backyard, you can turn it into a profit by selling them to your neighbours who need more compost for their yard. 

Doing Lawn Care

The most basic way to manage your green waste is simply through proper lawn care. Most lawns take up a large part of your yard, so they inherently produce more green waste once they are mowed. Some homeowners do not know that there is a proper way of taking care of a lawn.

One way is to know what type of grass your lawn has to know its specific methods. You should also check your lawn mower if it is still working efficiently. And when you are using the lawnmower, it is recommended that you cut at least ⅓ of the grass to reduce grass clippings and prevent from generating too much green waste. 

Composting Other Green Waste

You do not necessarily have to use grass clippings to use as compost. You can use other green waste such as trees, shrubs, and plants as compost. You need to make sure that the pile is a bit damp and that air can freely pass through it. After a while, it will compost into mulch, which you can now use as fertiliser for your lawn and other plants in your garden. They can also provide the same nutrients as with any other fertiliser. 

Having Your Green Waste Collected

The most convenient way to manage your green waste is by contacting green waste rubbish removal services like Goodbye Junk. They can dispose of your green waste for you, and they can do it efficiently thanks to their years of job experience. They can also do it quickly since rubbish removal services usually have two people working. 

Managing your green waste will be easier now that you know several tips on how to do it. Green waste can negatively or positively impact the environment, depending on how you dispose of it. Keep these tips in mind, and you are on your way to creating an environmentally safe property.

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