8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Refurbished iPhone


The refurbished iPhone is an original iPhone that is returned to Apple by the user due to minor defects. And then, Apple repairs it and sells it back under the tag of refurbished products. These devices undergo rigorous testing and repair before being taken to the market. 

You can trust Apple's refurb products because they are tested and certified by Apple rather than third party dealers. Apple ensures everything like the returned iPhone's battery, charger, buttons, camera, and software updates and sells it with a 1-year warranty.

If you want to save money or don't have enough money to buy a brand new Apple phone, then buying a pre-owned iPhone is the best solution. You can buy affordable refurbished iPhones through Apple stores, quality vendors, or online stores. Since these phones come with a new outer shell and are packed in a sparkling white box, you can give it as a gift to your loved ones.

Refurbished products allow you to fulfill your dream of buying top-of-line gadgets at super-low prices and along with this, they contribute a great deal in keeping the environment healthy.

Buying a refurbished iPhone can save you several 100 dollars but it is very essential to keep a few things in mind before cracking the deal.

8 Vital Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Refurbished iPhone -:

  • Check the Reliability of the Phone -:

First of all, make sure the used-iPhone you are thinking of buying is good and reliable as a new model. 

It will depend on the source of purchase, if you have decided to buy it from a well-established and reputable dealer, it is fine, but if you are planning to buy it from a friend or an acquaintance, then think again & don't let your money sink.

  • Check iPhone Compatibility with Your Carrier -:

Typically, every iPhone model works on every network, but before purchasing it check whether it is compatible with your current network carrier. Confirm whether the model you selected supports LTE signals or not.

  • Check if a Phone is Stolen -:

It is very important to check the status of second- hand phones before buying because having a stolen iPhone can put you in big trouble.

Here are a few steps that will help you to ensure whether the device is stolen or not -:

  • Go to the settings App of the iPhone
  • Select General icon
  • Tap About
  • Scroll down and select the IMEI number icon and note down it ( it is 15 digit number)
  • Then open the CTIA Stolen Phone Checker website and enter the 15 digit IMEI number there.
  • Then enter the captcha and click on submit button
  • The website will fetch all information about the device, it will give red signals in case of theft, otherwise, it will show green signals.

If the report comes negative then cancel the deal immediately without a second thought.

  • Check the Battery Health -:

You can check the health of the already used iPhone battery from the phone's settings. After going to "Settings", select the battery icon and click "Battery Health". The percentage will then be shown under the "Maximum Capacity" label.

 For brand new batteries this percentage will be 100%, the lower the maximum capacity percentage, the worse the battery performance. Through the above procedure, one can easily observe the health of the battery.

  • Check The Warranty

Always check the warranty of a pre-owned iPhone before the final purchase. Apple gives a warranty of 12 months on every refurbished product, so don't buy a refurbished iPhone without a 1-year warranty card in any case.

There is an easy way to check the warranty of an affordable refurbished iPhone. All you need to do is visit Apple’s website and enter your iPhone’s serial number to see if your phone is under warranty.

  • Check the Hardware -:

Another important step is to inspect all iPhone hardware used before purchasing. Ensure that all hardware parts of the phone such as view, camera lens, sensors, buttons, ports are scratch-free and work properly.

  • Check The Storage Capacity -:

You should check if your data storage needs are met by the selected phone, as many older models of Apple phones have only 16 GB of space, which is quite less. With the invention of the iCloud technology, large internal storage is rarely needed, but you should still consider the phone with at least 32GB space.

  • Check Accessories -:

Every refurbished iPhone comes with all accessories such as power adapter, ear pods, lighting cable, so make sure the seller is providing you with all these.

In Final Words -:

Buying a new iPhone is so expensive that only a few people can afford it. For those whose desires for purchasing an iPhone are at peak but are unable to buy it due to lack of money, buying a refurbished iPhone can be a good deal. But to protect you from fraud it is key important to inspect them by following the above steps before purchasing.

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