Teen Patti Card Game


Highly favored card game, Teen Patti is in equal parts entertaining and hugely popular. This card game has evolved from being played predominantly during Diwali week in India, to being played throughout the year worldwide. Teen Patti is also known as Flush or Indian poker.

A family game, it is enjoyed by players of all ages due to its easy and fun gameplay. This 3-card game offers many variations to the gameplay that increases the thrill factor and keeps the game entertaining for hours.

The learning curve of the 3 patti real money paytm cash game is very easy and it is a quick game to understand. The aim of the game is to have the best hand at the end or beat the last person still playing the hand. The hand value is based on a ranking system of the game.

Playing the game

The game begins with the dealer dealing three cards to the players from left to right and then starting with the player from the left, they have an option to either play blind, call or pack. The Bets that can be placed by the player are

  • Entry fee: an amount that added to the pot at the beginning of the game by each player
  • Blind: an amount that the player has to pay when they play without seeing their cards.
  • Call and raise: when the player, after viewing their cards, places a bet that is the same amount as the last player or raises it further.

Teen Patti Hand Ranking System

How good your hand is, depends on the value of the cards. The cards in the game rank from a Trail as the best and a pair as the lowest.

Trio or trail: it is the most difficult to get and the highest-ranking set. It consists of getting the three same cards. For example, three number '6' cards or three queens 'Q' cards.

Straight flush or sequence: It is the 2nd highest-ranking set and difficult to get to. It means getting a sequence of the cards in the same suit. For example, 'K Q J' of spades or '2 3 4'of hearts.

Straight or sequence: It is a sequence of cards in a mixed suit and is not rare to get. For example, '5, 6 and 7' or 'J Q K' and any suit.

Flush or color: It is getting 3 cards of the same suit and not difficult to get. For example, three cards of diamond or three cards of spades.

Pair: when your hand has two same numbers or picture cards. For example, two '3' and one random card or two 'A' and one random card.

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Teen Patti is an incredibly fun card game to play which requires equal parts of bluffing and luck.