How to Use Technology to Free Up Your Time for the Jobs You’re Really Good At


As a boss or a business owner, so much of your time can be taken up with the logistics and admin. You spend less and less time doing the tasks you really enjoy, and more and more time doing paperwork. Think of the creative who runs out of time to create because they are busy organizing invoices and recording sales, or the people person who has no time for motivating their workforce as they are too stretched with analyzing the latest data.

Living in a digital age means there are solutions to this problem. There is now software to save business owners time, automate repetitive tasks, and make data more easily accessible.

Simplify Your Marketing

Tracking your perfect customer, analyzing their spending habits, finding new customers, and getting them onto your communication channels takes a huge amount of time. However, by investing in some CRM and marketing automation software, you can track current or potential customers and guide them through a customer journey, such as triggering an email, without lifting a finger.

This type of software can reduce time spent on repetitive tasks as well as create a more personalized marketing campaign.

Streamline Your Accounting

Accounting is not a task many business owners look forward to. As reported by Accounting Today, 40 percent of small business owners said bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business.

You don’t need to hire a full-time accountant to take the hassle out of keeping your books in order though. There are plenty of accounting software options to choose from which can reduce the time spent on number crunching so you can spend time on the things that really make your business stick. 

Digitilize your workflow

If a large portion of your day is taken up with filing reports, data entry, searching for documents and distributing information to the people who need it, check out companies like TruQC who offer asset management software which could be the key to freeing up your time. This technology offers solutions such as digital reports to save time and reduce data entry errors, report generation which eliminates time spent re-entering data, and formatting reports and centralized document management systems which makes information accessible anytime and from anywhere.

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Manage your Social Media

Effective use of social media can have huge benefits for businesses, from improving brand awareness, increasing web traffic, and encouraging customer interaction. Yet with so many channels needing regular updates it is one side of a modern business which can eat into the working day. This is where a social media automation tool can step in.

Find the right balance between automation and natural, real-time posts, and you can take the pressure off and let your mind focus on other areas of your business.

So, while you can’t make all those repetitive and time-sapping tasks just disappear, there’s plenty of clever software out there worth looking into which can simplify, automate and generally reduce the time you spend doing them.

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